Kim Dotcom is out on bail and offering API access to his new Mega-project

megaupload kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, the beleaguered file-sharing and storage site whose domain was infamously seized earlier this year, has apparently turned his attention to the future. Dotcom was arrested in January of this year for violations related to U.S. copyright law and his tweets would indicate he’s taking full advantage of being out on bail by investing himself in a future file-sharing endeavor. Dotcom called for developers to contact the company for early access to the API for his new application, which he’s already offered us a small glimpse at

 Dotcom tweeted on Tuesday:  “We are building a massive global network. All non-US hosters will be able to connect servers & bandwidth. Get ready.” He’s also begun to, either affectionately or in an allusion to the future, refer to his current project simply as “Mega.” His recent tweets have promoted features he anticipates in an upcoming release of Mega, including one-click encryption and the conjunction of the Mega API and developers’ tools to “change the world.”

 A new site would presumably continue to perform the legitimate functions that Megaupload once did, with a focus on encrypting and protecting the files that users upload and share that are too large for e-mail or other traditional means of transfer. Ensuring user privacy and calling for developers at this stage in the project suggest that Dotcom is returning to the file-sharing market in full force, and hopefully with an existing ecosystem of products supporting the new service to go along with it. These most recent tweets are a significant swing from Dotcom’s general musings, which largely focus about the unfairness of the legal proceedings he’s facing — including possible extradition from New Zealand where he’s a legal resident to the U.S. to face possible charges

File-sharing sites have been hit hard within the last year, and a recent Google algorithm shift isn’t going to make things easier. Dotcom’s latest venture will have to avoid a whole set of new obstacles, in addition to those that thwarted Megaupload. On a positive note, there’s no time like the present for a file-sharing and encryption site that’s able to keep its doors open.