Niveus Media Unveils New HDTV Systems

Niveus Media, Inc., manufacturer of media entertainment devices for the high-end audio/video market, today announced their 2005 Denali Edition Media Center offering, featuring Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 software from Microsoft.

“Customers have been asking for high-definition support in Media Center Edition PCs since their inception,” said Kevin Unangst, director of Windows consumer marketing for Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased that Niveus will work with the Media Center Edition 2005 to meet consumer demand by offering its A/V form factor Denali Media Center with support for high-definition television broadcasts.”

In addition to HDTV, Niveus is adding High Definition 24-bit/192Khz 8 Channel Audio for unsurpassed audio quality, rivaling high-end separate components. The Denali also includes digital Toslink & RCA digital outputs for connection to external audio components.

Boasting a true audio/video form factor, the Niveus Denali measures just over 17 inches wide, and just under 6.5” inches tall, resulting in a truly stackable component. In addition to the A/V form factor, the stylish aluminum case is passively cooled via Heat Pipe technology; meaning there are no moving fans, making it the quietest media center PC on the market.

Niveus Denalie Niveus Rainier
Niveus Denali                                             Niveus Rainier

Featuring Intel’s P4 3.2Ghz w/ Hyper Threading, NVIDIA’s PCI-Express Graphics, Intel’s 24-bit Dolbyâ„¢ Digital Audio, DVD Multi-Format Recording, Gigabit LAN, Dual NVIDIA NTSC Tuners and ATI’s ATSC Television Tuner, the Niveus Denali will transform the living room into tomorrow’s digital home theater.  By using the latest in computing technology, the Denali can also serve up entertainment to multiple Media Center Extender products throughout the networked home.

Media Center Extenders bring the Media Center Edition 2005 functionality throughout the home and beyond by offering the full capabilities of Windows XP with exciting new experiences for music, digital photography, movies and television.

Niveus Media Center Availability

The Niveus Media Center – Denali Edition will be available in mid-November for purchase via the company’s website & select regional HiFi Audio/Video Retailers. For further details, visit the company website at: