Study: 26 percent of people socialize more online than in person

computer-woman-laughing-talking-to-friends-onlineWhen was the last time you talked to your friends in person? If you’re anything like the 26 percent of people in a new research study by Yazino and Opinium, you might be spending more time typing and texting your friends than actually seeing them. One in four spend more time chatting online than chatting in person, says the report. Worse, one in ten adults is more likely to stay in on the weekend and catch up with friends online than in person.

The study calls the phenomenon ‘sofalizing,’ or the act of primarily chatting with your friends online, sometimes in virtual worlds like Second Life or World of Warcraft. Extreme sofalizers (3 percent of adults) chat online with friends for more than 25 hours a week. People use 11 different methods of communication with friends and family on a daily basis, including texting, Facebook, Twitter, IM, email, etc.

Here are some interesting results:

  • 71 percent text friends and family every day
  • 27 percent of people use email as their dominant form of communication
  • 11 percent of people organize their social life with social networking sites
  • 5 percent have missed out on a party or event because they didn’t see the Facebook invitation
  • Britons spend an average of 4.6 hrs a week talking with friends online
  • Britons spend an average of 6 hrs a week talking with friends in person

Opinium interviewed a random group of 2011 adults (18+) living in the U.K. between Oct 14 and 17. The results were compared to the profile of the adults.

What do you think? Are the Brits just crazy or are we all on the Internet too much? A recent study says we lie more on the Internet too.