US Power PC Offers New Custom Systems

J.M. Pittman Industries, Inc. today launched a new custom PC builder, US Power PC ( US Power PC is a high-end system builder catering to niche markets including gaming, engineering, home theater and businesses. The new system builder is a sister company of ACCTech ( which has been based in Kansas City since 1992.

According to the company’s press release, USPPC John “GruntmaN” Krump, a well-known case modder and Founder of the case modding website, to set their systems apart from the rest.

USPPC offers custom cut-outs, laser etching and high-quality paint jobs among various other mods on all of their systems. The company builds systems based on components from manufacturers such as AMD, Asus, ATI, Chen Ming, Cooler Master, Creative Labs, Intel, Lian Li, Logitech, Microsoft and many more.

With an understanding that gamers can also be overclockers, USPPC will also be offering mild to medium level overclocking though options that include special cooling designs, such as water cooling, to ensure stability in their systems.

USPPC will be leading off with their Hyper series of systems including Hyper Flex (an entry level system), Hyper Fire (an entry level gaming system), Hyper Fission (a high-end gaming system) and their ultra high-end gaming system, Hyper Fusion. To learn more about USPPC’s systems, visit the company’s Website at