YouTube Safety Mode Adds Parental Controls

Video sharing site YouTube has rolled out a new “Safety Mode” feature, responding to long-standing complaints that a great deal of the material available via the site may not be suitable for children. Although YouTube doesn’t categorize the new Safety Mode as foolproof, the feature is intended to provide users with a “more controlled” experience that keeps some of YouTube’s diverse content from being shown to children or other impressionable users.

YouTube Safety Mode setting

The Safety Mode is available as an opt-in setting at the bottom of YouTube video pages. Users can turn Safety Mode on and off on a session-by-session basis, or, if they log into a YouTube account, have their setting choice locked in.

As an example of content that Safety Mode might block, YouTube cited news stories that might contain graphic violence, perhaps at a political protest or in war coverage. Of course, many parents will be more interested in whether Safety Mode blocks the majority of salacious content posted to the site daily: featured right on YouTube’s home page as this article was being written a no-doubt scintillating bit of video journalism called “15yr old HAS S3X WITH OVER 800 PEOPLE!- Maurly Show.”