Behold! Modern Warfare 3 releases the first two DLC maps for 360 Premium Elite members

behold modern warfare 3 releases the first two dlc maps for 360 premium elite members liberation  run forrestFor fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the arrival of new maps is cause to celebrate. So go ahead, take a moment.

Ok, you done now? Good. Beginning today, the Call of Duty content season kicks off with the release of two new maps for Modern Warfare 3: Piazza and Liberation. Both maps will be available for play in standard multiplayer as well as in the Spec Ops survival mode, and both maps are currently available exclusively for Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite Premium members only.

behold modern warfare 3 releases the first two dlc maps for 360 premium elite members piazza  so we re not gonna play bocceXbox 360 users that purchased the elite premium service will continue to receive new pieces of DLC each month as part of the cost of the premium service ($49.99 for the eyeaR)–20 in total, spread out over the next nine months. No word yet on when premium Elite members on the PS3 can expect to receive their content, but so far the best guess is a month from now.

Those without the premium service will have to wait for the map collections to be released as packages, which are expected to run $15 per pack. The first map collection is tentatively scheduled for a March release on the Xbox, with the PS3 and PC versions due a month later due to the exclusivity arrangement between Microsoft and Call of Duty.

As for the maps being released today:

“Liberation” will offer a look at a militarized, war torn version of New York’s Central Park that features wide open areas flanked by mounted turrets.

“Piazza” is set in an Italian seaside village where blind corners branch into a complex series of pathways that leave people open to close quarters combat, or attacks from above.

Check us out tomorrow for a full rundown on the levels.