Dishonored gets first DLC in December, but those looking for more story will have to wait

dishonored expansion

Dishonored has been roundly praised in the weeks since its release for the creative freedom it gives players. How you achieve the game’s goals, whether you resort to grizzly murders, bloodless stealth, or a mix of the two is entirely up to you, and the game begs you to experiment. It is, however, a touch on the short side when compared to publish Bethesda’s other games like Skyrim. For gluttons that have already played through the game multiple times, though, Bethesda’s got you covered with the game’s first downloadable content.

Bethesda announced Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials on Thursday. For anyone interested in expanding Corvo’s story or the history of his strange, rat-infested city, you’ll have to keep waiting, but for those that loved the gameplay, this pack is for you. This $5 expansion is mostly based on short play sessions in combat, stealth, and moving through the city. The ten added trials include “an arena battle against waves of enemy AI.” Original as Dishonored is, even it isn’t immune from the plague of Horde modes thrown into every game. There will also be a series of challenges unique to the game, including speed trials, mobility challenges, and a run of drop assassinations. 

There will also be some more story-based DLC next year. The second DLC pack due in the spring will actually include new Dunwall city districts where Corvo will face of with The Whalers, a group of supernatural assassins led by a fella named Daud. A third campaign-based DLC will also be released in 2013, but no details have been released on that one yet.