Gamers decide on new Xbox controller colors

Xbox is offering gamers a vivid palette of choices, including red, orange, green, blue and clear. The new color controllers will retain the physical characteristics of the highly popular and ergonomic Xbox Controller S.

The votes will be tallied on March 31, and the winning colors will be unveiled at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) May 14 in Los Angeles. The new color controllers will appear on retail shelves this October in North America.

“Gamers told us they love the Controller S, but thought it would be fun to have it in different colors,” said Bill Nielsen, director of Xbox brand marketing at Microsoft Corp. “We’re taking their advice, and are going one step further by asking them to help us make the decision about what colors to offer. Black and green will continue to be the primary colors of Xbox, but we’re looking to have a little fun by adding a few bold new shades into the mix.”

The controllers will be sold separately for an estimated retail price of $29.99 and will join the black Xbox Controller S on retail shelves. There is no mention as to whether a new Xbox console color will be avilable to match the new controllers.