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Rumor: Nintendo Wii 2 to have 8GB storage, 25GB discs


The Internet can’t get enough of Nintendo’s next console. Maybe it’s because we’re expecting something bonkers or maybe its because Nintendo is the only system maker still adhering to the five-year console lifecycle. In any case, Kotaku has heard that Nintendo’s next console will have full 1080i/1080p graphics, 8GB of internal flash storage, and run on discs that can hold 25GB of data.

In the same article, Kotaku reiterates its belief that the system will be as powerful as the PS3/Xbox 360 and that the controller will feature a controller with both a touchscreen and traditional controls.

If these rumors are true, The Wii 2, which some are calling Project Cafe, will have about 16 times the internal storage of the Wii, which had a scant 512MB of onboard memory. Nintendo eventually augmented this with the ability to store and run games via SD card. Though Nintendo likes to invest in proprietary media, the 25GB disc theory sounds a bit odd. If the Wii 2 is only as powerful as a PS3 and Xbox 360, does it need more than dual-layer DVDs? And will Nintendo’s format allow Blu-ray viewing on the Wii 2? With the exception of a special edition GameCube released only in Japan and the recent inclusion of Netflix on the Wii, Nintendo has avoided becoming a full-bore media player.

More crazy Wiiquel rumors will likely come soon. Nintendo will unveil its next console at E3 in June.

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