Denon Rolls Out 100th Anniversary Audio Line

Audio gear maker Denon is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a special edition Anniversary Product Collection of gear and components designed to showcase the company’s heritage and technological prowess. The collection includes an AV receiver, CD/SACD player, an integrated amp, universal Blu-ray player, over-ear headphones, and an old-school direct drive turntable…and they all come with both high-end specs and high-end price tags.

“The launch of our A100 collection is a tribute to Denon’s century long mission: to faithfully reproduce sound and images exactly as the original artist intended,” said Denon director of product development Jeff Talmadge, in a statement. “With these new Anniversary Collection products, we are giving people who appreciate what Denon is all about a unique opportunity to share in our passion and enjoy true high-performance home entertainment at the same time.”

denon debuts 100th anniversary audio line dp a100 turntable

The old-school portions of Denon’s anniversary line are the PMA-A100 integrated amplifier, which uses Denon’s UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull output circuit with re-engineered construction that includes a cast-iron foot to reduce vibration and expanded frequency range to support SACD audio. Meanwhile, Denon’s DP-A100 turntable features direct-drive technology (and cartridge) that Denon has been tweaking for 40 years, featuring a high-torque AC motor for low speeds that’s controlled by magnetic areas at the perimeter of the disc platter.

denon debuts 100th anniversary audio line dbp a100 universal blu ray player

For the new-school folks, the CDC-A100 CD/SACD player aims at audiophiles with Advanced AL32 processing and 32bit/192Khz DA converters—along with a plethora of digital inputs and and a USB port for hooking up iPods or other USB devices. The AVR-A100 9.2 channel AV surround receiver features an 11.2 channel preamp, HDMI 1.4 inputs, HDMI clock control and video up-conversion and scaling, as well as support for network and audio streaming, and Denon’s own Denon Link 4, control via an iPhone app, and power consumption of just 0.1 watt in standby.

denon debuts 100th anniversary audio line ah a100 closed ear headphones

Rounding out the set, the DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player handles everything from CDs and SACDS for DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and sports Denon’s vibration-resistant technologies—including that cast-iron footing, and Denon Link 4 to minimize jitter via HDMI. Finally, the AH-A100 closed-ear headphones sport a piano mahogany finish. 50mm drivers, and a “luxurious” storage case.

All these components come with aristocratic suggested price tags: the PMA-A100 integrated amp, DCD-A100 CD/CACD player, DP-A100 turntable, and AVR-A100 AV receiver each carry suggested prices of $2,499.99. The DL-A100 cartridge for the turntable and the AH-A100 headphones are a cool $499 each. They’ll all be available in November from selected Special Anniversary Denon dealers.

Denon launched its business in 1910 with the production of Japan’s first gramophone.