Humax Debuts TiVo Powered DRT800 DVR

 For $399 (after $100 rebate), the Humax DVD recorder with TiVo is available from nationwide retailers including, Best Buy,, Circuit City, Good Guys,, J&RMusic, Sam’s Club, and

Humax has designed the DVD recorder as a 3-in-1 device which includes, an 80-hour digital video recorder with the TiVo service, a DVD recorder, and a progressive scan DVD player that delivers morevivid playback than most standard DVD players. The DVD Recorder with TiVo is compatible with all programming sources including cable, digital cable, satellite and traditional off-air antennas.Furthermore, unlike other DVD recorders, it allows consumers to burn DVDs in the background while recording or watching live TV.

For $12.95 per month and $6.95 per month for additional boxes, the TiVo service included with the Humax DVD Recorder offers the same intuitive user-interface from TiVo that consumers love, and theTiVo services such as Season Pass, WishList, Online Scheduling, and Home Media Features that provide the ability to connect a TiVo box to a home network, view digital music and photos through a hometheater system, and access multi-room viewing.