Intel Cancels LCOS Chip Plans

“The move may be the latest indication that LCOS is not as easy as it seemed. Both Toshiba and Thomson have pulled out of manufacturing their own LCOS TV sets. A partnership between LCOS chip manufacturer Brillian Corp. and Sears fell through, and rival MicroDisplay Corp. has signed up just one customer. Sony, however, recently said it would introduce the Qualia 006 70-inch rear-projection display next year for under $10,000, based on a proprietary LCOS technology called SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display). “

Intel president Paul Otellini announced at this years CES (consumer electronics show) in January that Intel would develop LCOS chips in an effort to bring down the price of televisions. He used a 50-inch LCOS for $1800 as an example. LCOS has received little support from most television manufacturers in favor of DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology instead.

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