Linn introduces the Kisto system controller

The KISTO system controller features more than six thousand individual components on eleven circuit boards and with over one hundred rear panel sockets.

The KISTO has a clear and easy to use interface for control and operation of entertainment products. It is precision engineered to handle and process the wide choice of high quality audio and videoformats and standards at the highest performance level.

The Kisto System Controller features a Linn-designed user interface for simple set-up, control and storage, large front panel display for set-up without connection to a display device, front panelaccess to ‘quick connection’ sockets, front panel keyboard connection option for fast set-up, front panel ‘LinnGo’ standby button for programming specific multi-task macro functions, front panel ‘LipSynch’ audio delay control, online multilingual ‘Help’ utility, RS232 interfaces for control via third-party automation systems, RS232 link to UNIDISK 1.1 player, 4 independent 12v triggers forassigning operation to lighting control, blinds, curtains, projector lifts, etc., RC5 input/output sockets for control of other Linn products, 4 x IR flasher channels for LINN KNEKT system andswitching third-party video monitors.

The KISTO system controller is available in a black and silver reversible sleeve for stand alone or rack-mounting and comes complete with a programmable remote handset from authorised Linn retailersand Linn custom installation professionals worldwide. The Kisto is priced at $12,995.

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