Liquid Acoustics Ships Speakers To Korea

Liquid Acoustics ( announced today that they have signed a distribution agreement to sell their speaker products to South Koreans.

We are very pleased to have Campia Trading as our partners in South Korea, said a company spokesperson. This is a perfect example of a United States-made speaker product having foreign appeal, both from the financial and performance end, says the company.

Over 70 percent of the speaker products sold in the U.S. are imported, said a company executive. The LB-100 is made in this country and has now proven itself to have the “boat going the opposite way.” Our speaker has a very different sound and on first blush leaves one wondering what the excitement is. After a few hours of listening to the LB-100, it becomes very addictive as to what true sound really is. This agreement shows that we can manufacture here in the United States and the foreign audiences will purchase our finished goods if they are priced right, and most of all they want U.S. products that are made very well. The LB-100 has met this challenge and perhaps has changed the way we will do business as Americans in the future.