Good Expands Microsoft’s Wireless Services

From Good’s press release:

Good Technology, Inc., the leader in industry standards-based wireless messaging and corporate data access, today made a series of announcements to enable the mobile enterprise in 2004. These announcements included a major upgrade to Good’s flagship product, GoodLink. The new release, GoodLink 3.0, solidifies Good’s position as the innovator in wireless messaging by extending laptop power to smartphones and simplifying deployment.

Good Technology further extended its lead in supporting industry standards by demonstrating the industry’s most powerful enterprise messaging system for Microsoft’s handheld operating system, Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs. In addition, three large enterprise customers, Ferguson Enterprises, SpencerStuart and UnumProvident, all announced they have standardized on the GoodLink system to empower their field forces.

At its launch event in San Francisco, Good was joined by industry leaders including Tim Mattox, vice president client product marketing, Dell; Dan’l Lewin, corporate vice president, Microsoft; Jeff Hawkins, CTO, palmOne; David Nagel, CEO, PalmSource; and Stratton Sclavos, CEO, VeriSign, all of whom are working to enable the mobile enterprise. In addition, Good Technology customers James Snook, vice president, Innovation and Strategic Technology, Starbucks, and Marc West, CIO, Electronic Arts, discussed the competitive advantages their firms enjoy from their use of GoodLink.

GoodLink 3.0 is a powerful upgrade to Good’s award-winning software and service. It includes powerful capabilities that enable IT managers to manage large deployments while giving users functionality that enables a laptop-like experience on their Good-powered devices. In addition, Good announced the Good Alliance Partner Program, which provides an on-line resource where mobile users can find applications that will help them obtain the most complete laptop-like experience.

“We believe that 2004 is the year of the mobile enterprise. The standards are in place, the networks are ready, and a variety of compelling devices based on standard operating systems are shipping,” said Danny Shader, CEO of Good Technology. “What’s been missing is the software and service required to glue these components together. GoodLink 3.0 fills this gap: it is good for business and great for the end-user. It ensures flexibility, integrates with a wealth of exciting applications, and can be deployed securely to provide a rich laptop-like experience on Good-powered devices.”

“It is crucial that we offer a solution that can meet the needs of any organization, as wireless messaging is no longer reserved for privileged executives. GoodLink 3.0 provides true enterprise capabilities, from administration to security, for managing wireless messaging deployments,” said Jeff Horgan, wireless strategist for Bell Industries, a Good Technology solution provider that manages GoodLink installations in a number of Fortune 50 enterprises. “Good Technology securely and reliably supports a field force without consuming massive IT resources.”

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