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The Pixel 4a may be released on June 5, right after Android 11 is revealed

The Google Pixel 4a may be released on June 5, if a leak from Vodafone Germany is accurate. The highly anticipated phone was previously rumored to launch in May, most likely during Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference. However, with Google I/O’s cancellation those plans have presumably changed.

How likely is Google to release the Pixel 4a on that day? The chances are solid, due to the close proximity of an online event called Android 11: The Beta Show, which Google will hold on June 3 to discuss the future of the Android platform. The event replaces part of the traditional Google I/O keynote presentation where the next version of Android is detailed, and promises news, updates, and announcements.

The teaser video makes it quite clear there will be some surprises during the show, and while Android 11 will be the focus of the online event, it makes sense for Google to use it as the launchpad for the Pixel 4a too. The Vodafone Germany rumor was published by a German blog, which had previously leaked a May 22 announcement date for the Pixel 4a, which originated from the same source.

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Rumors have spread about the Google Pixel 4a for a while. We expect a 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch screen on the front, which may be an OLED panel and have a hole-punch selfie camera. On the back, Google is expected to use another single-lens camera, just like the Pixel 3a, but with plenty of clever computational photography tech inside. We should also look out for a 5G version of the Pixel 4a, although this would increase the price of the phone, potentially making it less desirable.

When the Pixel 4a does launch, it already faces strong competition from the Apple iPhone SE. Matching the Pixel 3a’s $400 price tag, the iPhone SE brings everything people like about owning an iPhone — great software, attractive design, and a decent camera — and makes it more financially accessible than the rest of the range. If Google can bring the Pixel 4a out for $400 again, it will ignite a serious battle for supremacy between the two long-time competitors.

Android 11: The Beta Show will stream online on June 3, where the Pixel 4a may be first announced, and if the latest rumor is correct, the phone may be released on June 5. However, these dates may be different for the U.S., and of course, nothing is official yet either.

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