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Latest iPhone 5 rumor points to curved glass displays

china-white-iphoneIt’s okay if you can’t keep your facts straight on the iPhone 5. The simple truth is… there aren’t any facts, just a bunch of rumors. The latest word is that the phone, which will reportedly be coming in 2012 following the September 2011 release of an iPhone 4S, will feature a curved glass cover over the device display.

The word comes from DigiTimes, which pegs the information to reports from “industry sources” of buzz “being circulated around the supply chain in Taiwan.” It also seems that the glass cover makers are hesitant to invest in glass cutting equipment due to the expense involved. As a result, Apple reportedly bought 200-300 such machines on its own dime, and will b leaving them in storage until the “yield rate for the production of curved glass reaches a satisfactory level.”

While there are no definitive facts confirmed by Apple regarding he iPhone 5, there are some things that are pretty much a certainty due either to common sense or to word from named sources in the know. The big upgrade for the 5, something that reportedly won’t be a feature of the 4S, is 4G LTE network service. There’s also been some indication that the phone will be a dual-band GSM / CDMA device, news that was outed by Verizon last month and then mentioned again last week by the company’s CEO, Fran Shammo.

There’s still a whole other iPhone launch brewing for later this year that we’ll have to get through before any updates on a fifth-gen release can be expected from Apple.

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