Google adds ice breaker sound effects to Google Plus Hangouts

google plus hangout adds sound effects

If you’ve ever hung out on Google Plus Hangout before, your friends may have used fun effects like reindeer antlers, mustaches and dog masks. Today Google is updating Google+ Hangouts with the addition of sound effects.

You’ll find that there are about a dozen different sounds in the “Google Effects” selection. Some sound effects include bells, gongs, horns, drums, crickets, clapping, and more. It’s a perfect way to break the ice during those awkward moments of silence.

If you’re a developer, Google provides a Hangout API, that it introduced back in March, with which v1.2 of the API can be used to include your own sounds in a Hangout app. The sound has to abide by Google’s terms of service, meaning that the sound effect you choose to include must be rightfully licensed or owned by you.

To use the app, Google Product Manager Amit Fulay notes that you’ll have to update Hangouts with the latest plugin, v3.6, to enable sound effects. Once you enter Hangouts the plugin should be downloaded automatically, but if the sound effects are not working for you or can’t be found, you can download the plugin again here