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Infinium Labs Counter-Sues HardOCP

Following a series of threats of legal action over the past weeks, Florida-based broadband console proponent Infinium Labs has finally filed a lawsuit against technology news website HardOCP over an article written last September.

Both the company itself and its CEO, Tim Roberts, have filed lawsuits in Florida which accuse HardOCP of defamation in an article written on the site last September which profiled – in a highly unflattering matter – Roberts’ past business history and Infinium’s record to date.

The Florida lawsuits are a response to an earlier pre-emptive suit which was filed by HardOCP owner Kyle Bennett in the state of Texas with the aim of forcing Infinium to bring the issue to a resolution.

With the matter now in the hands of lawyers on both sides of the dispute, this battle seems unlikely to reach a swift resolution – and threatens to overshadow, at least to some degree, the forthcoming announcements about Infinium’s plans for the Phantom game console and service which will lead up to the public unveiling of the system at E3 in May.

Source: Gameindustry.biz