ALi Announces New USB 2.0 Camera Controller

From ALi’s press release:

At the recently held USB Plugfest in Taipei, ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller passed compliance & interoperability tests as well as received the USB-IF Logo. The rapid transformation of ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller, from sample stage to receive respective USB-IF certification and to mass production recently, demonstrates ALi’s unflinching leadership in the integration capability within the market of high-speed AV peripheral application.

ALi leads the industry by housing the USB 2.0 AV camera controller in the latest thin and small 48-pin LQFP package. Some of the advanced features offered by ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller includes USB 2.0 protocol engine, physical layer,color processor, buffer memory to store images and audio ADC. Consequently, no external memory devices are required for the implementation of video captures at 30fps at VGA resolution. Images can be transferred to the host device through the built-in USB 2.0 interface controller. ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller supports still picture snapshot mode and video resolutions at CIF, VGA and up to SXGA (1280 x 1024). With built-in microcontroller, ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller offers OEM and ODM manufacturers more options to support wide range of CMOS-type or CCD-type image sensors from OmniVision, Micron, Hynix, PixArt, IC-Media and TASC.

Attributed with power efficient and small package design, ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller eliminates the inconvenience of requiring additional power converter when transferring images between video camera or DSC and mobile computing devices like PDA, Notebook PC and Tablet PC. In addition, ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller enables mobile computing devices such as Tablet PC to capture high-resolution images without any adverse effect to its battery life. In the future, as more and more multimedia application requires real time operation through mobile devices like 3G cellular phones, more and more OEM and ODM manufacturers will benefit from the design flexibility, cost effective and high quality features offered by ALi’s USB 2.0 AV camera controller .

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