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OnePlus launches its first smartphone, the OnePlus One, priced at just $300 (Updated)

OnePlus, the company started by a former Oppo vice president, has launched its first smartphone. It's called the OnePlus One, and has been designed to be the very best smartphone possible.

With this bracelet, you can flick your wrist to pay with Bitcoin

Mevu will soon release a bracelet that acts as your on-wrist wallet. By flicking your wrist, you can make payments using Bitcoin. Pre-orders for the bracelet will begin within a month.

10 common problems with the HTC One M8, and how to fix them

The HTC One M8 is the latest and greatest handset from HTC, but that doesn't mean it's flawless. Here are some of the most common issues and fixes for the handset to help you deal with the problems if they occur for you.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime reportedly spotted in shipping manifest

Has the Galaxy S5 Prime reared its powerful head yet again? That could be the case, if a shipping manifest is indicative of anything. Even so, make sure you have a big grain of salt before you read on for more.

AT&T gathers $500 million to launch a new online video service

The telecommunications giant today announced a partnership with The Chernin Group to jointly invest $500 million toward a new online video service. The move comes at a time when many other players are jumping into the potentially profitable online video fray.

Runtastic adds ultimate fitness playlist, with more music coming soon

Runtastic, the popular fitness tracking app, and Universal Music Group are partnering together to create fitness playlists designed to encourage you to run faster, go further, and always finish strong. Or just get off the couch.

Apple takes a not-so-subtle swipe at Samsung in latest newspaper ad

Apple wanted to make it known that it is a company dedicated to decreasing its footprint in the environment by releasing a new newspaper ad. It also wanted to make it known that Samsung copied its ideas. Wait, what?

Exclusive: Leaked LG G3 screens show fresh UI, confirm ‘concierge’ service, and more

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iPhone 6 Rumors and News: 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model reportedly delayed until 2015

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Google Glass update to bring SMS for iPhone feature and Calendar Glassware

Now that Android KitKat has landed on Glass, Google says its usual monthly software update is set to become more frequent. The latest, coming in a few days, brings SMS notifications for iPhone users as well as new Calendar Glassware.

Android 4.4 KitKat: Update reported for Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T

Following Android 4.4 KitKat's launch on the Nexus 5, various other manufacturers have been busy confirming the new software will be coming to their phones in the near future. Is yours on the list?

LG gives us a better look at the G Watch, and introduces champagne gold version

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Microsoft will own Nokia on April 25, but with a few changes to the original plan

It's a month behind schedule, but Microsoft has confirmed it will close the deal to acquire Nokia's Devices division on April 25. It has also announced a few changes to the original agreement.

HBO GO spots show how awkward is it to watch HBO with your parents

Definitely one of the best reasons to flip off the television and boot up HBO GO on the iPad, HBO released several commercials that depict how embarrassing it can be for teenagers to watch racy content around parents.

Part dock, part lamp, TimberHarmony is a warm walnut home for your gadgets

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