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Adam Sandler ditches theaters to star in four exclusive Netflix movies

Adam Sandler will produce four movies exclusively for Netflix. The comedian's international appeal inspired Netflix to offer the deal, which it hopes will help it gain more subscribers.

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San Francisco launches free Wi-Fi in public spaces, with help from Google

Announced over a year ago, San Francisco on Wednesday delivered on its promise to roll out free Wi-Fi in public spaces across the city. The project was made possible thanks to $600,000 worth of funding from Google.


FAA orders airlines to replace cockpit displays in 1300 jets over Wi-Fi interference

The Federal Aviation Administration is ordering airlines to replace cockpit displays on more than 1,300 Boeing 737 and 777 planes following concerns over Wi-Fi interference that could cause the screens to go blank.


Kickstarter founder’s latest startup aims to crowdfund non-profits with a Dollar a Day

After co-founding the world's most successful crowdfunding platform, Perry Chen is back with yet another fundraising startup -- this time targeted directly at non-profit organizations


Reddit raises $50m in funding round, plans to share some of it with its users

Social news site Reddit has raised around $50 million in its latest funding round in an unusual deal that looks set to see investors give 10 percent of their new equity to the site's vibrant user community.

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Need a little Net right now? Karma Go is a pay-as-you-go LTE wireless hotspot

Ever been somewhere you need Wi-Fi right away? Karma is offering up a brand new mobile hotspot that is LTE-capable and charges only for the data you use. It costs just $99 too until late October.


Wikileaks’ Julian Assange turns up on stage in Nantucket – as a hologram

When Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said back in August that he was planning to leave the Ecuadorean Embassy "soon," perhaps he was simply referring to a holographic version of himself.

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How to watch 2014 NFL games streaming live online

The NFL season is finally here. Here's our guide on how to stream live football games online.


Yahoo is shutting down its original Directory portal

Another iconic part of the early Web bites the dust: Yahoo has announced that it's closing down its Directory service at the end of the year, the portal that helped kickstart the company.


Shellshock bug in Bash affects Linux and Mac OS X, but the first fixes are already out (Updated)

A new bug that affects Linux and Mac OS X-based servers and systems has been uncovered. Learn more about the Shellshock/Bash bug here.


How to check if you’re affected by the Shellshock Bash bug for Linux, OS X

Here's a simple way to check if your Web site is affected by the Bash bug. Learn more here.


DirecTV shareholders approve $48.5 billion AT&T merger [Update]

DirecTV shareholders officially approved AT&T's proposed $48.5 billion dollar merger with the company, which will trump even the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger. The deal still awaits approval from the FCC.

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30 feature-length movies on YouTube that are totally worth watching

Check out our painstakingly-curated list of the best full movies on YouTube to find 30 feature-length flicks that are actually worht watching.


You can now add things to your Amazon Wish List with a single tweet

Amazon added new Twitter integration to encourage its customers to buy things with a tweet. Customers can now add items to their Wish Lists using the hashtag #AmazonWishList.


Internet for all: Facebook to start testing Wi-Fi drones next year

The team behind the Facebook-led project to bring Internet connectivity to remote locations around the world using drone technology has revealed that it plans to start the service in the next five years, with test flights scheduled for 2015.

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