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BBC launches interactive ‘Taster’ platform to test and develop new ideas

The BBC has just launched Taster, a new platform featuring experimental ideas for digital content and technologies across TV, radio, and online. The British media giant is encouraging user feedback to help it develop the best ideas.

Cool Tech

Facebook Lite strips the social network down for users in developing countries

Facebook is turning its attention to developing mobile markets. Facebook Lite is a portal that runs on the weaker, cheaper hardware ubiquitous overseas.


Malaysia Airlines website hit by Lizard Squad hackers

Malaysia Airlines is dealing with an attack on its official website, apparently carried out by hacking group Lizard Squad. The carrier insists its servers have not been compromised, though Lizard Squad claims otherwise.


Taiwan passes law protecting kids against gadget addiction

How much time are your youngsters spending on the Web? A new law in Taiwan means parents could be liable for a fine if they're not keeping a close eye on their kids and their gadgets.


Google pushes Firefox users to dump Yahoo search

Firefox recently installed Yahoo as its default search engine, ending a 10-year deal with Google. With data showing Yahoo increasing its share of the U.S. search market, Google has started posting messages urging Firefox users to change their settings.


WhatsApp lands on desktop, though iOS users are left out in cold

WhatsApp on Wednesday rolled out a desktop version of its popular messaging app that pairs with smartphones with the software, though issues with Apple's platform mean iOS users won't be able to make use of it.

Social Media

EBay to cut 2,400 jobs as it prepares PayPal spinoff

EBay boss John Donahoe this week said he's glad to see the back of 2014, but with several thousand job losses set for 2015, as well as a major bit of PayPal-related restructuring to deal with, 2015 will hardly be a walk in the park, either.


YouTube killer? Ex-Hulu CEO’s site Vessel will show videos 3 days before YouTube

Ex-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar debuts the beta version of Vessel, a $3/month subscription service aimed to offer early access to popular videos before they hit YouTube.


Unlimited Wi-Fi service for $5 a month comes to FreedomPop

FreedomPop will now offer unlimited Wi-Fi for just $5 a month thanks to a network of hotspots around the U.S. The company may incorporate the service into its smartphone plans in the future.


Google pumps sizable sum of money into SpaceX

Google and investment firm Fidelity are together investing $1 billion in Elon Musk's SpaceX company. The money will be used to advance a number of projects, including the recently announced Internet satellite plan.


Google is considered more trustworthy than traditional media for news

Definitely a trend that continues to grow each year, more people are ditching traditional news sources, like television news networks, in favor of of online search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


As Obama delivers the State of the Union, Bing wants to take its Pulse

While Obama addresses the United States during the State of the Union, Microsoft's Bing Pulse 2.0 technology will track the pulse of the nation. We talked to former Clinton White House speech writer and Microsoft manager Josh Gottheimer aboutthe tech.


YouBowl: YouTube will live stream its own Super Bowl halftime show

YouTube will live stream its on Super Bowl halftime show this year, featuring stunts, musical performances, and fake Super Bowl ads from top YouTube talent.

Home Theater

And another one! Elon Musk confirms satellite plan for global Internet access

Another day, another billionaire proposing plans to launch an array of Internet-providing satellites for poorly served areas around the globe. This time it's SpaceX boss Elon Musk, who says he'll use profits from the venture to fund his Mars-colony project.


Google’s latest feature: one-click concert tickets

Google's long-term plan to make its search results page a one-stop shop for everything continues: you can now see upcoming shows and buy gig tickets straight from the results of your query.