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How to watch 2014 NFL games streaming live online

The NFL season is finally here. Here's our guide on how to stream live football games online.


Google Docs guide, tips, and tricks

This guide will give you a brief walk-through on how to use Google Docs. Maybe you'll be able to ditch Office once and for all.


Home Depot malware attack even bigger than Target’s, 56m payment cards affected

If you thought the Target security breach was big, wait till you hear about Home Depot's. The company said Thursday that information for "56 million unique payment cards" is at risk following a five-month malware attack on its point-of-sale systems.


Samsung to release Web-only musical sitcom filmed at its Seoul HQ. No, really.

Not content with showering the world's consumers with masses of tech products, Samsung is now turning its hand to making musical sitcoms. Set to hit the web next month, its new six-part show will feature life at the company's "youthful and vibrant" Seoul HQ.


Apple expands two-step verification to iCloud.com

Apple has expanded its two-step verification process to iCloud.com, adding another layer of security by asking for a code on top of a password. The move comes after the tech giant was criticized over a recent hack that hit its online storage service.


FCC hosts first round table event in series to discuss Net neutrality (updated)

The FCC will host a series of round table discussions on the subject of net neutrality this September and October. All of the discussions will be livestreamed.


Time Warner Cable didn’t know it offered a free tablet if you upgrade

Time Warner Cable subscriber Frank Catena recently called the company to inquire about an offer he received in the mail. However, Catena noted that customer representatives told him contradictory things.


Create custom, shareable Google Maps with new My Maps tool

Did you plan the most awesome vacation ever with Google Maps? Share it to the Google Maps Gallery with a newly enhanced feature, My Maps. The service also lets you explore other custom maps created by others.


Net neutrality is under threat from the FCC: What it is, and how we got here (Updated)

Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about Net neutrality. If you want to know what it's all about, we’ve constructed a timeline to show the relevant events that led us to this point.


Students! Google wants to lend you a Chromebook this term

Google is putting a pop-up lending kiosk at a dozen universities across the United States this month, enabling students to borrow a Chromebook free of charge. Find out how the scheme will work.


Yahoo says it faced $250,000-a-day gov’t fine for opposing NSA data demand

Yahoo said Thursday that the US government threatened it with a $250,000-a-day fine if it refused to supply the National Security Agency (NSA) with user data for its controversial PRISM surveillance program.


Hangouts and Google Voice edge closer together with free audio-only calls and more

Google is finally making some serious moves to integrate Google Voice with Hangouts. Users can now make audio-only calls for free to any number in the US and Canada, while Google Voice SMS messages and voicemail are also now part of the service.


New Internet Explorer updates plug security holes in Adobe Flash Player, more

Redmond just released a new batch of security patches for Internet Explorer. Learn more here.


Five million Gmail addresses, passwords leak out

The data was posted on a Bitcoin security forum, but a significant amount of them are out of date. Learn more here.


Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and other sites join ‘Internet Slowdown’ protest

Dozens of high-profile Internet companies joined the "Internet Slowdown" protest, which will be held on September 10. The protest aims to show how the creation of Internet fast and slow lanes would affect service.