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Want to pay off your student debts? Why not play this online trivia game

Need help paying off student loans? Why not try out Givling, an online true-or-false trivia game that helps pay off student loans once it earns a certain amount of money. The game will launch sometime this month.


Time to kill? Here’s 70 riveting movies you can watch on Netflix right now

Save yourself from hours of scrolling and searching through Netflix's massive library by checking out this list of our favorite movies you can stream right now.


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler talks Net neutrality decision and spectrum auctions

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler addressed the Net neutrality decision, spectrum auctions, and more at Mobile World Congress 2015. Although his keynote provided few answers, it held some good info.


Forget cars and trikes, Google’s now using ziplines for Street View

Apparently not content with sticking its Street View camera on cars, trikes, boats, and backpacks, the team behind the panoramic-imagery service has now attached one to a zipline for canopy-to-ground photos of the Amazon rainforest.


Google changes its mind, will not block adult content on Blogger

After originally stating it would start blocking adult content on its Blogger platform later in March, Google decided to abandon the change and step up its enforcement efforts instead.


Here’s what everyone is saying about the FCC’s historic Net neutrality ruling (in GIF form)

The FCC issued its landmark ruling to reclassify broadband as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act, among other things. As you can imagine, quite a few companies had things to say, so we compiled their reactions with GIF equivalents.


Is this dress white and gold or black and blue? The experts have an answer

The dress that broke the Internet is white and gold. Or maybe it's blue and black. The thing is, it's one or the other to different sets of people, and there are several very scientific reasons why. Here's what's going on.


Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app so you can annoy the hell out of everyone nearby

Spotify is adding a lyrics button to its desktop app so you can sing along to your favorite tracks while testing the patience of those close by. The music streaming company also announced several other enhancements to its service on Thursday.


YouTube: A billion users and still no profit

More than a billion people use ad-supported YouTube to watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every day. However, the Google-owned company is still to turn a profit. So what's going on?


FCC Net neutrality timeline: The new rules pass with flying colors

Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about Net neutrality. If you want to know what it's all about, we’ve constructed a timeline to show the relevant events that led us to this point.


The FCC just changed the Internet forever: Here’s what it means for you

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s new Net neutrality proposal aims to reclassify broadband under Title II, end throttling, blocking, and paid prioritization. Here’s what it all means and how it will affect you.


Europol busts behemoth botnet, 3.2 million strong

A joint taskforce headed up by Europol and security specialists from Symantec, Microsoft, and Anubis Networks has successfully taken down a botnetspread using the Ramnit malware.


The NSA has hacked your phone: What you need to know, and how to protect yourself

NSA leaker Edward Snowden leaked more documents to the Intercept, which reveal that the NSA and GCHQ stole millions of SIM card encryption keys. The keys give them access to calls, texts, and data sent over users' wireless networks.


The FBI is offering a record $3 million if you can help arrest this cyber thief

The FBI has announced a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest of an alleged cyber criminal thought to be behind malicious software that the bureau believes defrauded people around the world of more than $100 million.


Reddit says no to nude photos – unless the subject gives their consent

Reddit's about to ban nude images from its site – or links to such material – unless the subject has given permission for its publication. The move comes 6 months after Reddit came under fire for being one of the go-to sites during the iCloud nude photo…


Microsoft Band’s first major update adds cycling app, virtual keyboard, and more

Launched toward the end of last year, the Microsoft Band fitness tracker has just received its first major software update, bringing with it a slew of new features that include a new Web-based dashboard, cycling app, and virtual keyboard.


Google rolls out security improvements to help flag up malicious websites

Google's continuing efforts to improve online safety for Web users include the roll out this week of a bunch of security improvements for Chrome, Search, and ads.


Google says it’s going to block adult content on Blogger

If you have a Blogger site showing images or video that Google considers to be sexually explicit, you'll need to remove it soon. If you don't, the Web giant says it'll switch the blog's setting to private, blocking its content from the majority of Web users.


Judge overrules antitrust case against Google, says setting default search engines is fair

District Judge Beth Labson Freeman tossed out an antitrust lawsuit filed against Google over the weekend, arguing Google being set as the default search engine on its Android handsets do not impede consumers' ability to openly choose.


Kill the clutter with our guide to using Gmail tabs and labels

Chances are, you likely get more emails than you know what to do with. Check out our guide on how to add and remove tabs in Gmail — as well as implement labels — so you can better organize and sort messages with ease.


Yelp sues company for selling positive reviews

Yelp says that some unscrupulous businesses will promise to massage your user ratings online, for a fee — and now it's taking action against one of the alleged offenders via a lawsuit.


Pandora to let artists send audio messages to fans

Hey, Pandora users, your favorite artists are about to start posting audio messages for your listening pleasure, filling you in on the latest news regarding upcoming tours and new releases, or simply to say "hi."


Street View highlights Greenland’s natural beauty and ancient ruins

Greenland's just been given the Street View treatment. New panoramic imagery posted Wednesday shows off some of the island's natural scenery and ancient sites, offering armchair travelers easy access to the remote region.


Prank callers scour through Comcast’s Twitter feed to find victims

Some Comcast customers found themselves on the side of insults and crude remarks as fake customer service representatives called them shortly after their complaints were sent to the @comcastcares Twitter feed.

Home Theater

Amazon expands its one-hour delivery service (a little bit)

Amazon has expanded its one-hour Prime Now delivery service from a single Manhattan zip code to the entire borough. The speedy service launched last year, further blurring the line between web-based and brick-and-mortar retailers.


Hard drives beware, the NSA is coming for you

The NSA is at it again with a highly secretive program that was designed and implemented to crack into hard drives from some of the most popular manufacturers, including Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba.


Windows users can now access Apple’s iWorks for free

Apple have made their iWorks suite available as part of their iCloud service, meaning that even Windows users can access web-based versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


FAA’s proposed drone rules put Amazon’s Prime Air plans in jeopardy

Amazon's hope of one day using drones to deliver goods to customers in the U.S. received a setback Sunday when the Federal Aviation Administration released proposals for the commercial operation of the unmanned aircraft systems.

Cool Tech

Hackers steal up to $1 billion in huge online bank heist

A highly sophisticated malware attack targeting multiple banks in as many as 30 countries has reportedly netted a gang of cybercriminals as much as $1 billion since 2013.


Get more from your Chromebook with these great productivity web-based apps

If you're really trying to get the most out of your budget-friendly laptop, we've compiled a list of the best Web-based apps designed to extend your Chromebook's functionality and keep you working as long as your battery does.