Gateway To Offer Data Migration Suite

Anyone who has purchased a new PC knows the time and effort that goes into creating new settings and moving data from the old system to the new one.  Gateway today simplifies this process with the Gateway Data Migration Suite — an easy-to-use package that combines everything needed to get the job done simply and quickly.

“Most computer buyers have years of files, photos and music on their old PC — and they want those files easily accessible on their new system,” said Steve Goldstein, Gateway, Inc.’s vice president and general manager of
software and peripherals.  “The Gateway Data Migration Suite is a full moving service for a PC — it packs and moves data, and then cleans up afterward. With it, customers can forget about the time and hassle of moving files and
fixing settings and preferences and just focus on enjoying their new purchase.”

The Gateway Data Migration Suite quickly and simply moves all types of files — photos, music, data, and email — as well as settings and preferences from one PC to another.  In fact, 500MB of data can be transferred using the USB cable in about only 12 minutes.  The software places the files in the appropriate application folders so that they are easy to access.  Also, application settings and file associations can be transferred to a new PC, even when the new system has an updated OS or application.  For example, someone using Microsoft Windows 98 could transport their preferences to the new PC running Microsoft Windows XP.

The Gateway Data Migration Suite also comes with software to clean the old PC’s hard drive, permanently deleting all files, so no trace of personal or private information may be found on the system.  Also, the software permanently removes Internet information, including passwords, web sites, account names and user names.  As a result of the cleaning, the old PC will be ready for donation or resale, and the consumer will not have to worry about the next user finding private information on it. 

The kit includes the transfer software, hard drive cleaning software and USB and parallel transfer cables at the great value of only $59.99 — nearly a 25 percent savings over the $79.90 retail price when purchased separately at
other retailers.  The new kit will be available tomorrow, April 1, 2004 online at, by calling 1-800-GATEWAY, or by ordering it at one of the more than 185 Gateway stores nationwide.

The Gateway Data Migration Suite can be used with any PC with an Intel Pentium processor, at least 32MB of RAM, a 50MB hard drive, CD drive, VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse.  The software supports Microsoft Windows(R) 95B,
98, 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP.