Royal, Motorola Team Up For GPS Portable

Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc. is introducing two advanced devices powered by the i.MXL applications processor from Motorola, Inc.. The i.MX applications processors help meet the growing demand for highly versatile portable global positioning system (GPS) devices and high performance personal digital assistants (PDAs). They feature enhanced Smart Speed technology providing long battery life for power-hungry applications such as GPS and MP3 playback.

The AmeriGo GPS Navigation System is a fully portable automobile GPS device. Unlike in-dash factory direct GPS systems, it can be moved easily from vehicle to vehicle. With 128MB of memory, the AmeriGo device allows for greater map storage than most competing products. Market-leading Pharos GPS Software with turn-by-turn voice prompted directions ensures pinpoint accuracy. The AmeriGo offers six screen variations, favorite destination storage and a one-touch Home key and comes with four U.S. map CDs, windshield and AC vent mountings, an AC adapter and USB cable.

The Linea LX PDA includes 64MB of memory, 32MB flash ROM, a digital voice recorder, MP3 player, a snap-on keyboard, USB connectivity, supports both the portrait and landscape mode, and has an SD slot. The Linea LX also comes with a desktop personal information manager (PIM) and Microsoft® Outlook® synchronization for email on-the-go. In addition to the power performance advantages of the i.MXL, the Linea LX has an optional, snap-on CF card expansion adapter containing a second lithium-ion rechargeable battery, effectively doubling the running time of the device.

“Motorola’s applications processors are well–known in the consumer electronics industry as field tested and proven power performance leaders,” said Bob Robinson, Royal Consumer Information Product’s executive director of marketing. “We chose the i.MXL applications processor because of its reputation for reliability in a ruggedized environment, its blend of features and Smart Speed technology. The i.MXL allows us to build advanced products for the consumer without taxing the battery or their wallet.”

The AmeriGo GPS Navigation System and Linea LX are expected to be available in the Spring of 2004 with an MSRP of $899 and $399 respectively.

i.MX Applications Processors
Motorola’s i.MX family of applications processors offers designers a full platform solution. The i.MX processors feature a comprehensive suite of software including Microsoft® Windows® CE, Palm OS, Symbian OS and Linux OS, and reference designs to greatly accelerate the creation of next-generation mobile communication products. The i.MX family is engineered to allow manufacturers to develop cost-effective wireless-enabled smart handhelds with a full range of capabilities, such as digital image capture, file sharing, wireless connectivity, multimedia entertainment and more. The i.MX applications processors offer extended battery life and exceptional performance.
The i.MX family also provides efficient power management to give consumers a rich multimedia experience via rapid, enhanced graphics and digital audio. This “Smart Speed” approach uses design and manufacturing techniques, including a unique architecture and “doze” and “sleep” modes that translate to high performance with low power consumption even for advanced multimedia and handheld applications. A photo is available at,,3588_4281-7,00.html. For more information, go to