Dutch Gamers Set World Record for Non-Stop Gaming

dutch gamers set world record for non stop gaming

In what is likely to spark some “back when I was in school I played Game X for 60 hours!” style debates, Video Games Blogger is reporting that the new world record for non-stop gaming now stands at 50 hours, thanks to a group of six Dutch men.

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, six gamers entered the “Twistdock Endurance Gaming Event” to see who could last the longest and take home the cash prize, plus a Twistdock connector.  The event was sponsored by Vogel, as an event to introduce its newest PS3 accessory, the Twistdock connector, an accessory for that adds additional USB ports and has docks for additional controllers to keep them charged.

Playing Red Dead Redemption, all six gamers entered as competitors, but as the hours ticked on and the light sleep-deprived delusions probably began to set in, the gamers began to form a bond.

After passing the former world record of 40 hours and 20 minutes set by Chirantan Patnaik of India, the six began to discuss their goal. In the end, they decided that they should all finish at the same time and claim the world record together. So after 50 hours, the group put down their controllers and took their place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Each man was awarded the US equivalent of $1,300 and a Twistdock connector.

For hardcore gamers, 50 hours might seem like an easily obtainable world record, especially considering that each gamer was given a 10-minute break every hour and a 50-minute break every five hours, but the key was having the Guinness rep on hand for the event. Now, before you line up your couches and start calling Guinness, while this may sound like a simple record, there could be some potential side-effects to playing games for 50 consecutive hours. Like a slight case of death.