Namco Releases Wireless Game Line-up

With these released games, mobile customers can now play their favorite arcade classics on their wireless devices. They can also play new, original products specifically designed for the mobile community with wireless functionalities like online over-the-air networked play.


PAC-MAN Bowling by Namco

Due to the tremendous success of PAC-MAN on mobile devices, Namco has extended the PAC-MAN brand to other game categories. In PAC-MAN Bowling, players can play a standard bowling game or a PAC-MAN branded arcade version, where they can choose from four well-known Namco characters: PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Baby PAC and Inky. The arcade mode offers players hours of fun discovering each character’s unique bowling “trick.”

Pool Pro Online by Namco

Pool Pro Online allows mobile customers to take advantage of the wireless platform. The game features online over-the-air multiplayer pool, including two-player head-to-head play and the uploading of high scores. Pool Pro Online also offers advanced graphics, such as a unique “zoom feature” where a player can zoom in on the table for a more precise shot. Pool Pro Online comes with two game modes, 8-ball and 9-ball.


— PAC-MAN Puzzle

A puzzle twist on the classic PAC-MAN game. The player strategically places PAC-MAN maze pieces to guide PAC-MAN to munch all the PAC-dots.

— PAC-Match by Namco

Match PAC-MAN or his ghostly friends in this addictive chain-reaction puzzle game. Players can choose from four themes, including Dig Dug(R) and Mr. Driller(R).

— Gimme’ FIVE by Namco

Roll the dice and match the twelve combinations as fast as you can in this fun dice game.

— Stack’um by Namco

Move and stack objects as they fall — match three in a row and they disappear! Special objects help you out, like bombs, doubles and wilds!