Astoundingly realistic animal chairs from Maximo Riera are a must-see

Spanish designer Maximo Riera is taking chairs to a more animalistic level with his “Animal Chair Collection.” With the Elephant being his most recent work, Riera is creating a limited edition collection that will feature 15 different creations that span the animal world from mammals and reptiles to insects and sea life. Up to now he only has four of the chairs totally done — the Octopus being the original, followed by the Rhino, Walrus, and the Elephant. According to Riera’s Website, the next two animals in the collection will be the beetle and the whale. 

Riera chose the chair as his muse to comment on the banality of its use in our daily lives. His hope is to bring life to the basic function of the chair while drawing parallels to nature and our own connection within that sphere. Riera says that each animal is biologically accurate in their reproduction. Not being biologists we can’t really comment on that but these chairs are amazingly detailed and fascinating to look at. 

Animal Chairs are made by a team of over 30 professionals and four different companies. The chair is created using a CNC milling machine — which are vertical mills that are computer controlled mills that can move the spindle vertically along the Z-axis. Using mechanized sculpting tools produced a series of forms cut from foam blocks and placed on an internal steel form. The final chair is envoloped in fine leather, allowing for detail refinement. 

Now, we don’t know the dimensions of all of the various animals (though they are large) we do know how much the Elephant weighs. It’s not as heavy as a real elephant but it does come in at a fairly hefty 353 pounds. 

We recommend keeping an eye on Riera’s site to see the other animals that he’ll be creating.