Hands-on with Speck CandyShell Galaxy S3 case

hands on with speck candyshell galaxy s3 case

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly a fun piece of toy, so it makes perfect sense to start shopping for a protective case to keep your baby scratch-free. While the varieties aren’t as abundant as one would find for an iPhone 4 or 4S, here’s our hands-on with the ever reliable Galaxy S3 case from Speck in its most popular edition: the CandyShell.

Look and Feel

Available in four color combinations, our green and grey case is particularly bright and cheery for summertime. The CandyShell case is a two-layered body with a soft silicon on the inner lining and a card shell on the outer. The rubber protrude out around the front corners of the case, adding a raised level from the phone’s screen for added protection. The same soft material is also found on the button covers on the sides for power and sound.

hands on with speck candyshell galaxy s3 case

Putting the Speck CandyShell case on was also a non-issue: the Galaxy S3 easily slipped on and stayed in regardless of drops and tumbles. Removing the case obviously took a bit of wiggling, so be careful not to push on areas where there are cutouts for the USB and audio cords to avoid weakening the thinner plastic pieces in those sections.

hands on with speck candyshell galaxy s3 caseWhile the CandyShell case is a fine choice for your Galaxy S3, be aware that it’s not the most lightweight of cases. The ultra protection also adds width to the already wide phone, so those with small hands (like mine) could find the total size a bit uncomfortable.

Should you buy it?

The case is best suited for those who are indifferent about style (not to say the CandyShell isn’t an attractive case, just basic) and need more protection against drops. The hard shell is great for shock absorbency thanks to its rubberized outer shell coating. Unfortunately, this also means a lot of finger print smears are visible on this plastic back. If you use your phone after eating fries or candy, expect the grease and sugar to stick around unless you wipe it down with a moist towelette.

Since the CandyShell just came out, the color options are still limited but we believe Speck will soon add to its lineup later this fall. The Speck CandyShell Galaxy S3 case is available online now for $35, a perfectly reasonable price for a solid case (which comes with a year’s warranty). Note: The case will not fit the AT&T Garnet Red Galaxy S3.