Microsoft Surface 2019 Event

Microsoft’s annual Surface hardware event was one of the biggest in recent memory. The keynote, which started at 10am ET on October 2, was a chance for Microsoft to focus on its booming hardware business. That includes updates to devices like the Surface Pro 2-in-1 and Surface Laptop, as well as new products in the lineup, including the Surface Neo and Surface Duo. The Surface line is best known for its exceptional quality and close tie-in with Windows 10 — will new gear and gadgets make a true believer out of you?

How to take a screenshot using a Microsoft Surface

Our comprehensive walk-through will help you take screenshots on your Microsoft Surface device in no time, whether you have a new model or something older.
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ vs. Surface Pro 7: The differences you need to know

Surface Pro 7+ is a refresh of the Surface Pro 7, but if you must have the greatest from Microsoft, here's a look at some differences between models.
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