Google Copresence could improve Android-iOS relations

Google is rumored to be working on a brand new feature for Android that simplifies the task of sharing photos, links and other data between smartphones — and iOS will be supported too.


Now that the Nexus 6 isn’t cheap, is it worth buying at all?

For the first time, Google's new Nexus smartphone isn't a bargain. It has gone from an impulse buy to one we must consider; think about. Once we have, is it really worth buying at all?


Virgin Galactic’s commercial spacecraft crashes, kills co-pilot

Definitely not the best week for space travel, Virgin Galactic's tourism rocketship SpaceShipTwo suffered a malfunction earlier today and crashed in the Mojave Desert near Kern County, California.

Cool Tech

HP smartwatch is light on features, but looks like a normal watch

Ideal for anyone that dislikes the modern style of current smartwatch design, HP's new smartwatch opts for a classic style while still providing various types of digital notifications.


Amazon pushes forward, says more Fire Phones are on the way

In an interview with Fortune, Amazon SVP of Devices David Limp confirmed that there will be future iterations of the company's failed Fire Phone. Limp admitted that Amazon messed up when it came to pricing, though it hopes to improve.

Android Army

Lister Cars comes back with a bang and a $3.2 million, 1000-horsepower supercar in tow

British automaker Lister came back from the dead in 2013 after a nearly 25-year sabbatical. Now, the company is planning a $3.2 million, 1000-plus horsepower hypercar with a 7.8-liter engine.


The Fountain app connects you with home improvement experts right when you need them

Rather than forcing you to scour through forums and crowdsourced answer sites, Fountain allows you to video chat with home improvement experts on-demand


Trends with Benefits: Nanobots, slinky snake man, and other terrors

This week we discuss offensive costumes, boobs on Street View, cheating with a math app and Elon Musk's comments about 'demonic' artificial intelligence.


Don’t fancy the iPhone 6? You can lease the Galaxy S5 on Sprint, instead

If you're not a fan of the iPhone, Sprint has added the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Sport as part of its smartphone leasing program. You can lease either handset for $20 a month, on top of a Sprint plan.


Trio of Mazdaspeeds may bolster Mazda’s expanding lineup

Fresh off the announcement of the Mazda2, Mazda is reportedly planning a Mazdaspeed variant of it, as well as the Mazda2, Mazda3, and Mazda6. The brand may have a Mazda6 Coupe in the works as well.


Triple video cards rocket Origin's Millennium from 'fast' to 'fastest ever tested'

What do you get when you combine an overclocked Intel Core i7-5960X, with three GTX 980 video cards? Record breaking performance, that's what.

  • Pros: Highly customizable , Easy to upgrade or repair , Plenty of…
  • Cons: Large and very heavy , Extremely loud at full load

Dual personalities: Inside the Honda Civic Type R’s brilliant interactive advertisement

Honda debuted a new commercial for the Honda Civic Type R this week, one that shows the long-standing compact car’s multiple personalities. Press ‘R’ during the video to see both sides of the story.