How you load a dishwasher says a lot about your personality

How to load a dishwasher is a contentious thing, and lots of couples fight about it. It's such a big deal that GE created personality types based on how people load the dishwasher and designs around them.


Volkswagen boss hints at new tech that will increase the range of electric cars

Volkswagen could go a long way toward curing range anxiety with new battery technology that allows electric cars to travel 186 miles on a charge, if the new tech lives up to the hype.


Deadpool strikes a comics-inspired pose in new movie photos

Ryan Reynolds appears as Deadpool in three new photos from the set of the upcoming movie featuring the popular Marvel Comics antihero, featuring a script by the Zombieland writers.

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Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid runs out of charge

The Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid has been out of production since January, and won't return for 2016. The model was always a small part of Pathfinder sales, and couldn't muster impressive fuel economy.


BlackBerry’s first Android phone revealed, headed to AT&T along with the ‘Venice’ slider

BlackBerry's next phone will feature a slide-down keyboard and could run Android. Briefly shown off at MWC 2015 as the BlackBerry 10 Slider, it has a codename of "Venice," and could be released later this year. Here's what we know about it so far.


Think twice before buying that can of Red Bull for a Destiny code: It might not work

Destiny developer Bungie has teamed up with Red Bull for a promotion that gives players access to an exlusive in-game question via codes found on specially marked cans. The only problem? Players are guessing the codes without buying a thing.


Unreal Engine 4 blurs the line between 3D graphics and photography

The Unreal Engines of yesteryear always impressed with their visuals, from the original right through to the latest generation. As much as it's always been impressive though, what artists are doing with it now is getting very close to photorealism.


The Roost laptop stand aims to put an end to hunched necks everywhere

For any laptop users who have experienced pain or discomfort from working on a flat desk, you can save your spine this weekend by pre-purchasing the Roost laptop stand for $49 -- but only until Monday.


10 tips for a thriving Fallout Shelter

The wasteland can be an unfriendly place! Here are ten tips we've found to help your vault thrive in Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's charming mobile spin-off to its post-apocalyptic RPG series.


Plex resets users’ passwords after forum hack, attacker demanding ransom in Bitcoin

A hacker looking for ransom paid in Bitcoin compromised popular media streaming app Plex's forums on Wednesday. Plex has reset users passwords, and has no intention of paying the attacker anything.


Risen and Gothic developer Piranha Bytes announces its latest game, ELEX

Publisher Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes, developer of the Risen and Gothic series, have announced a new post-apocalyptic "science fantasy" open-world RPG called ELEX, which is an acronym for "eclectic, lavish, exhilarating, xenial."


Apple CarPlay vs. Android Auto: Which belongs in your next ride?

Those dedicated to one OS over the other will have their favorite by default, but we've discovered that each of these systems offers a very different sort of experience. We put them head-to-head so you can see for yourself.


Here’s how to prepare your PC for Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming, and whether you reserve an upgrade or wait to download the OS for free, you need to prepare - and so does your desktop PC. Check this list for vital steps when you're ready to upgrade.


Dubai’s going to 3D-print an office building – and everything inside it

We've 3D-printed just about everything else, so why not an office building and all its furniture? That's exactly what Dubai's about to do, with construction expected to take just a few weeks.

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Archos shoots a dagger through the Moto E’s heart with the $129 50b Helium

Archos recently announced the 50b Helium, an Android smartphone that tries to give you the most bang for your buck. It will launch sometime in July for $129, which shows up even the Moto E, widely considered to be one of the best budget smartphones available.