Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

We review the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s biggest phone to date. Surprisingly, we really like it.

  • Pros: Industry-leading design, build quality , Reachability…
  • Cons: 16GB storage on base model is not enough , Large size is too…

LG sets Guinness World Record for largest outdoor advertisement

LG revealed that it set the Guinness World Record for largest outdoor advertising structure. The billboard is located in the capital of Saudi Arabia near the King Khalid International Airport.


How to set up Family Sharing in iOS 8

Apple has made it easier than ever to connect with your family in iOS 8. To help you get set up with Family Sharing, we've set up this simple walkthrough.


Mythbusting: Nvidia debunks lunar landing conspiracy

As an awesome demonstration of its newest graphics cards, Nvidia has put together a simulation to debunk longtime accusations that the 1969 moon landing was a hoax.


What could have been: check out the cancelled Super Mario Spikers

After the success of Super Mario Strikers, Next Level Games started on a volleyball/wrestling hybrid for the Wii called Super Mario Spikers, which never saw the light of day.


Lobbyists don’t want the FCC to reverse its in-flight cellphone call ban

Even though the FCC is considering lifting the 23-year-old ban on in-flight cellphone calls, lobbyists are asking the agency to reconsider its stance. Lobbyists worry about its use by terrorists and the nuisance it brings.


Step away from the iPhone: Virginia company developing radar gun to help catch texting drivers

A company in Harrisonburg, Virginia is developing a new type of radar gun that could help police catch texting drivers. The device, which works by detecting radio frequencies involved with cell phone use, is currently in development.


Netflix now comprises up to 40 percent of Canadian downstream traffic at peak hours

A new report from Sandvine, shows that Netflix accounts for a huge percentage of Canadian downstream traffic and, as a result, is currently the leading web service in Canada for data consumption.

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Make your clothes stain-repellant with Sofft hydrophobic fabric softener

Sofft, a wash-in hydrophobic fabric softener developed by an ex-Clorox engineer, is currently raising funds for production on Kickstarter. If successful, it might finally make stain-proof clothes a reality.


Leave your iPhone at home when you run; Apple Watch will play music without it

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch will play music over Bluetooth without the need for a tethered iPhone.

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Square Enix aims to redefine online gaming

Square Enix has announced a new, cloud-based gaming venture called Shinra Technologies that aims to open up revolutionary possibilities in online gaming.


Velodyne’s CES 2015 trip to be full of revamps and reveals

In the wake of its trip to CEDIA Expo 2014 in Denver, Velodyne, purveyor of top-shelf audio equipment, announced yesterday that it will "completely revamp" its Impact Series subwoofer with a brand-new design.

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D-Link’s new smart plug ditches high-tech features for a lower pricetag

Rather than featuring any sort of cutting-edge and marginally useful new technology, D-Links new smart plugs boast something equally enticing: a lower price


Somehow, The Maze Runner is less Hunger Games and more dystopian Law & Order

Less Hunger Games or Twilight and more Law & Order meets Lost, The Maze Runner features strong performances in a strongly-rendered world, albeit with a messy final twist.


Hate the free U2 album? Watch Team Coco’s hilarious take on the U2 backlash

Ok, Apple gets it, you hate the new U2 album. But is deleting it from iTunes enough? In this hilarious new video from Team Coco, ungrateful iTunes users demand restitution beyond the removal of the free album from their phone.