WhatsApp opens voice calls to everyone on Android, iOS coming soon

Earlier this month WhatsApp began sending out invites to try out its new voice call functionality, sparking enough interest that some were posting their phone numbers in the hopes of nabbing an invite. Now the new feature is available to everyone.

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Whether it’s for a V8 or an mp3 player, Cyntur’s ‘mini’ JumperPack packs full-size power

Cyntur’s JumperPack mini is a rugged lithium-ion jump starter that can charge mobile devices via its USB port. It also features a 200-lumen LED light.

  • Pros: Great price , Has the juice to jump 4, 6, and 8-cylinder…
  • Cons: No car charger included , Some charging claims may be a tad…

Selfie sticks just got even more annoying, because now there’s one for a tablet

Using a tablet to take pictures when you're out and about is almost as annoying as a line of selfie sticks blocking the way. Now, there's an accessory to attach a tablet to a selfie stick.


Facebook’s new event subscription button is a groupie’s dream come true

Facebook's latest feature will make sure you never miss your favorite band when it plays at a venue nearby. You can now subscribe to events and get notifications when an artist you like is playing near you.


For chillwave maestro Tycho, effects are as much instruments as the ones you play

Sometimes beautiful music is a happy accident. For Tycho, also known as Scott Hansen, preserving the stumbling process that leads him there is as important as the intentional part.


No such thing as bad press? CEO apologizes after comparing Apple to Hitler

Following one of the least well-judged marketing moves we've seen in a while, the CEO of Chinese media company LeTV has apologized for comparing Apple to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, due to its closed software ecosystem.


Amazon Prime Air drone tests buzz U.S. border to spite FAA

In an apparent effort to highlight what it sees as the FAA's overly cautious approach to drone testing in the U.S., Amazon has revealed it's conducting Prime Air test flights in Canada, just feet from the U.S. border.

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Facebook opens its new ‘unassuming’ but actually really swish Menlo Park campus

Facebook's plush new Menlo Park workspace has just opened its doors to staff. The new eco-friendly premises features what may be the world's largest open-plan office, as well as a rooftop garden where employees can go to dream up the company's next big idea.

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Get ready, LG’s funky new Magna, Spirit, Leon, and Joy Android smartphones are coming

LG's new mid-range smartphones are about to go on sale around the world. The funLeon and Joy join the more exciting LG Magna and Spirit, which have curved bodies to make them more comfortable to hold.


Excited yet? The LG G4 may be here on April 28

The LG G4 smartphone may be the company's flagship Android phone for 2015, but what will it look like, and how will it trump the excellent G3? We've gathered together all the news and rumors on the phone to keep you informed.


Project Spartan now available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

The hotly anticipated replacement to Internet Explorer, Project Spartan, has finally landed in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10049. Microsoft has also used the new build to fix several minor bugs.


Grand Theft Auto V will flex your PC graphics card’s muscles with lush 4K visuals

Rockstar Games has released a new batch of high-resolution screenshots for the upcoming Windows PC port of Grand Theft Auto V. Optimized for all the latest hardware, the sky is the limit for the visuals in this edition of the game.


James Bond is on the trail of a deadly agency in first trailer for SPECTRE

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the first trailer for SPECTRE, the 24th film in the 007 franchise, co-starring Christoph Waltz in a mysterious role.

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