Adobe is testing a streaming version of Photoshop for Chromebooks

Definitely useful for any Chromebook users that requires more advanced image editing tools, Adobe is bringing Photoshop to the Google Chromebook through streaming access in a Chrome browser.


Sennheiser's bass-blasting Urbanite headphones beat Dre's Beats at their own game

Sennheiser really nailed it with the Urbanite, a set of stylish, high-resolution headphones with superb sound quality accented with just the right amount extra bass. Even…

  • Pros: Incredibly detailed treble and midrange , Just the right…
  • Cons: Headband lacks padding, can slip while active , No ¼-inch…

HP’s new Stream laptops start at $200, trudge on Chromebook’s turf

Say hello to HP's new Stream notebooks, which start at $200, and promise to wage war on similarly-priced Chromebooks. Learn more here.


Kids stupidly destroy iPhone 6 Plus in Apple Store to prove Bendgate is real

The Bendgate craze continues, as two 15-year-old boys entered an Apple Store and purposely destroyed an iPhone 6 Plus to prove that Bendgate is real. The video caused quite a bit of outrage, leading one of the boys to apologize.


Windows 9’s Notifications Center better not be a repeat of Vista’s constant pop-ups

Windows 9 may include a Notifications Center. If so, it hopefully won't be a repeat of a mistake that Microsoft has made before.


Here are five things we expect to see in Windows 9

Microsoft will likely reveal Windows 9 to the world on September 30. Here are five things we expect to see with the new OS.


Build the perfect roller coaster then bring it crashing down in ScreamRide

Major Nelson sat down with producer Jorg Neumann to discuss ScreamRide, the new game about building and destroying amusement park rides from the studio behind Roller Coaster Tycoon.


Tilt My Blinds lets you control your window shades remotely via smartphone

Unlike other automatic blinds setups, which are generally quite bulky and often require professional installation, TMB's shade tilting module is super compact, and designed to fit inside your existing blind rails


The OnePlus Two may debut next year and a wearable could be in the works

In a recently-held Ask Me Anything on Reddit, OnePlus revealed that the OnePlus Two is currently in the works, with a second- or third-quarter launch window next year. The company also hinted at future wearables.


Destiny bug hints at the names and locations of future add-on missions

A number of Destiny players recently encountered a glitch that revealed every mission in the game, including some that are locked for two upcoming DLC expansions.


To prevent your $200 iPhone from bending, just buy this $2,000 titanium case

While Apple is still embroiled in #Bendgate, luxury phone accessory brand Gresso announced the Titanium and Aluminum Cases for iPhone 6. According to Gresso, these cases should be able to fend off the controversy.


Battlefield: Hardline dev promises smooth launch after BF4’s troubles

Bucking recent trends of rocky releases for online shooters, Visceral Games' creative director Ian Milham has boldly promised that Battlefield Hardline will be playable at launch.


Authenpic app aims to bring back surprises, long wait times of analog photos

Authenpic is an upcoming app that turns your smartphone into a "disposable camera" that shoots only 24 photos, and then wait for the actual prints to be delivered to your (physical) mailbox. The project is currently on Kickstarter.