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New Cirrus Logic Surround-Sound CODEC

The CS42406 is ideally suited for audio/video and DVD receiver (combination DVD player/audio receiver) manufacturers searching for a cost-effective, surround-sound CODEC solution that delivershigh-quality sound and bears the mark of audio excellence from Cirrus, the global leader in audio solutions (source: Forward Concepts, April 2003).

The CS42406, which features two analog-to-digital (A/D) and six digital-to-analog (D/A) channels, runs off 3 V to 5 V analog and digital power supplies. The A/D converters and D/A converters allow for simplified system design by providing single-ended inputs and outputs. Cirrus’ CS42406 also features integrated level shifters that are designed to eliminate the need for external components in order to connect the CODEC with the system’s host digital signal processor. In addition, Cirrus’ patented Popguard® technology feature helps to simplify system design, reduce overall system costs and eliminate the