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HP iPaq H1910 review

Quote from the review:

“The HP iPAQ h190 is even overclockable. Yes it is possible to overclock a Pocket PC. This can be done with programs like Clear Speed or Pocket Hackmaster. So how far can you push the 200MHz processor? How does an extra 100MHz sound? Suddenly the h190 is starting to look really good against the more expensive 300MHz and 400Mhz Pocket PCs on the market. “

Our take: Not to discredit the Tech Zone, but the author states in the opening paragraph “Every since Microsoft invited me down to their world headquarters in Redmond, WA to show me the first Pocket PC nearly three years ago, I have been a big Pocket PC fan and always recommended a Pocket PC over a Palm device.”. This should be the first clue that this article is going to be biased. I think its funny that they were able to over clock the PDA’s CPU. Overall they give it a 9/10. I would recommend reading other reviews before making a purchase.

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