DT Deals: Multicharge your gadgets with the 3-in-1 universal cable

DT Deals 3-in-1 usb cableAt the rate that gadgets are growing in today’s market, it’s possible that nearly every person in the modern world owns more than one electronic device. Count ’em: You’ve got that smartphone, tablet, camera, handheld video game… how are they supposed to not take up your entire electrical outlet? It’s easy: Just use this 3-in-1 universal USB cable. Instead of waiting for a charger slot to free up, this cable can simultaneously juice up three devices so you never have to play favorites.

The 3-in-1 universal USB cable retails for $59, but for today’s DT Deals, it’s yours for just $19. Let us save you from the math and tell you that we just saved you 67 percent. The cable comes with a 30 pin, lightning, and micro USB connectors – which should accommodate most of today’s popular devices. Even if you don’t own multiple devices, the cable is a nice solution to sharing the charging cable with your housemates.