Play Google Cube: the Google Maps video game

Google Cube

Love Google Maps so much, you wish you could enjoy it on a gaming level? If you think navigating with the app can be a bit of a challenge, wait until you sample Google Cube, a video game inspired by the company’s maps app.

The game is simple: Using the cursor, the user guides the blue location ball to a specific location via the roads on the map in as little time as possible. There are eight levels that include maps in Manhattan, San Francisco, Paris, London, Tokyo, Las Vegas, the Mall of America, and a random map with various parts of all the different cities combined. Players can use this opportunity to explore and discover new or popular places in random metropolises. When the level is completed, the summary of how long the player took as well as a random Google Maps fact pop up to explain how Maps can enhance your travels and adventures. There’s an option to learn more, or to continue on to the next stage.

It’s a pretty short game that you can easily complete in 15 minutes or so depending on how determined you are to beat your old high score. Once you’re happy with a score, you can also like or tweet the score to challenge your friends to beat it. You can only play the game via the website, and there are no words of Google releasing the game as an app or a feature on Google Maps. 

The game was originally suspected to be a part of the Games tab on Google+ with the hopes of competing with the popular gaming realm on Facebook, reports VentureBeat. But while the game serves no purpose but a time killer, if for some reason you happen to love Google Maps, you might enjoy venturing through the interactive map every now and then. Who knows, perhaps you will discover a new shortcut route on the map, or learn of a new place to visit. Please note, the game is only available on WebGL-supported browsers.

Meanwhile, check out this promotional video where two men in white gloves are seen rotating a life-sized maze cube as they guide the ball through each route. Along the way, they also pass some nifty Android phones towering over nameless yellow buildings. Now that’s a game Google should be making and putting everywhere for publicity!