Sony PSP Go to Relaunch, Sources Say

PSPgo1The PSP Go hasn’t been a favorite among gamers—or at least that’s what the sales charts are showing. With mobile games available for smartphones and on the iPod Touch—and now the iPad—some gaming handsets don’t stand a chance against the cheaper competition. According to Gamervision, Sony’s tired of the naysayers bashing their new [sort of] gaming device and the company is planning to relaunch the PSP Go. Gamervision claims the news comes from sources close to Sony who say the relaunch will include  some surprises to “rekindle some sort of excitement” for the PSP Go.

We’re hoping there is a price drop—cheaper prices tend to rekindle consumer love affairs—which Sony’s sources have already alluded to. There is also supposed to be a big, new marketing blitz that will help lure gamers to the Go. Actually, Sony may need to do a lot more than snip a price tag and throw some balloons to win gamers over with the PSP Go. When the handset was officially launched, most PSP players were peeved to hear of the Go’s lack of a UMD drive—meaning all of the PSP games they had could not be played on this new device.

We’ll keep you updated on this pending event. We’re hoping more details come down the wire this week.

Tell us what you think–what would Sony have to do to win you over to the PSP Go?