Idapt launches brand-neutral speaker dock projects on Kickstarter

idapt s1 s2

Specificity is nice, but there are simply too many docks out there designed for a single product line or brand (cough, Apple, cough). That’s why we tend to get excited when we see a product that focuses on versatility and compatibility, rather than positioning itself as an accessory. Last week, Idapt unveiled two docks at Kickstarter – the Bluetooth 2.0-enabled S1 and S2 – designed to play and charge over 4,500 different electronic accessories. 

The multi-docks both offer a stereo Class-D amplifier, a full-range 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, and a 102dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Some might argue that kind of SNR is virtually indistinguishable from, say, a 90dB ratio; but what that lofty number does tell you is that you can expect a very clean sound with minimal distortion. These may not appear to be the most powerful docks based purely on specs – Idapt claims 10W of output power for the S1 and 20W for the S2 – but power ratings rarely tell the whole story. 

The S1 and S2 sport a sweet retro look, with knobs for bass and treble, rounded edges and a matte finish which combine to create a 60’s-esque aesthetic. Functionally, however, they’re quite different from that decade’s products, as the S1 is available with one 30-pin connector, and one microUSB connector, and the S2 is available with two 30-pin connectors, two MicroUSB connectors and one MiniUSB connector.

We’re not wild about Idapt’s decision to use Bluetooth 2.0, which, quite frankly, doesn’t produce terribly high-quality audio, but these docks have plenty else going for them. Take price for instance: both are available for pre-order on Kickstarter now at different price tiers, depending on features. The full-featured versions of the S1 and S2 are purchasable via bids of $150 and $250 respectively. Those price points are each $100 lower than the products’ MSRPs.