More states reject ‘Theft Of Service’ bills

“The Tennessee bill sponsors’ wise decision to put the brakes on this legislation reflects a growing recognition of the pernicious nature of these MPAA-backed bills and their harsh impact on lawful consumers,” said CEA vice president of technology policy Michael Petricone. “Tennessee’s action comes a day after Colorado Governor Owens vetoed a similar anti-consumer, anti-technology measure. We are encouraged to now see state lawmakers recognizing the bills’ shortcomings and heeding the warnings issued by the technology community, retailers and consumers groups.

“While CEA opposes cable theft, the MPAA ‘Model Communications Security’ bills as drafted clearly need fundamental revisions to ensure that innocent consumers and products are not criminalized. The Tennessee legislature and Colorado Governor Owens have recognized that there is no need to rush these flawed proposals into law. We urge other state lawmakers to join them in standing up for consumers and technological advancement.”