Peerless-AV 3D design program customizes your system to the core


peerless av racks let your customize system to the core large rackThe age of personalization has truly arrived. In technology – more so than almost any other industry – everything can be tailored to fit the individual. This kind of customization is easy with electronics. Adjustable appearances, themes, skins, colors, cases, and backgrounds have become standard fare. What we haven’t seen yet, is the ability to take the non-interactive elements of your home theater system and suit them to your specific needs. 

Peerless-AV now provides that ability, via its online configurer. The virtual tool allows users to build their A/V racks from the ground up and to specify the location of each component. Once the specifications are set, they can then render the design in 3D, and get a same-day quote on price. 

For those who are meticulous about the aesthetic of their beloved home theater system, and for businesses that need a way to organize their A/V equipment, this is somewhat of a revelation. The configurator has different baselines models to choose from, and options for coloring, sizing, paneling and lockable doors. To add that final personal touch, buyers can emblazon a personal or business logo directly onto the rack.

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