Bass for your buck: SVS’ SB13-Ultra Subwoofer hopes to deliver foundation-shaking sound without breaking the bank

svs sb13 ultra subwoofer pg hero grilleThe recently announced SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer is all about delivering “extreme bass performance,” but the company says this is also the most “decor-friendly” subwoofer in its Ultra series. SVS is one of the best-reputed Internet-direct subwoofer brands, so when they release a new product, it’s always worth a look. We’ll be reviewing this one soon, but for now, let’s take a look at the specs. 

Added to this iteration of the Ultra series, are a high-powered aluminum voice coil and a custom gap extension plate. The sub also sports a tandem of linear-roll spiders and employs an integrated DSP “Sledge” amplifier. The company also touts the product’s room-size compensation control, which supposedly allows for seamless adjustment to any space, large or small.

The ultimate draw here is bass for your buck. At an suggested price of $1600, the SB13-Ultra offers specs and sound quality comparable to more expensive, high-end subs. It ships September 30, 2012  and – as is the case with all SVS subwoofers – it come with a 45-day in-home trial. If you give it a go, and are disappointed, you can return the product for a full refund, sans the shipping costs.