Google’s new London HQ is more madhouse, less primary school

You gotta wonder what goes on in the Google offices if interior designers have decided it would be a good idea to line most of its new London headquarter’s walls with padded cushions. Wrestling matches for whoever codes the slowest or sells the least amount of ads?

As the third Google office to open in London, the new office design strays away from the company’s traditional use of red, yellow, and blue colors, instead opting for shades much more intricately hidden in the color wheel. Thanks to photos from Fast Co.Exist, we’ve learned that the new “Super HQ” is 160,000 square feet of quirkiness, with one conference room utilizing a steering wheel-shaped knob while the lounge room is fully lined from wall to seating with the same padded material. There’s clearly a lot of England pride here as well, as the main lobby area contain tints of the Great Britain flag in its wall decal and one hallway lined with the print. The absence of the classic Google colors makes it almost unrecognizable as a Google office if not for the logo hanging high and glowing bright, especially since we’re used to seeing at least those uniformed colors no matter how funky the various offices get.

Situated on the eighth floor of the Central Saint Giles tower in the Covent Garden neighborhood of London, the office is equipped with awesome Google-like amenities, such as a gym, bike dryer, and dance studio all in the same floor. What the photos fail to depict, however, is what the Google dining hall looks like. Anyone who’s ever visited a Google office will tell you that the cafeteria is to die for, and we could only wonder if the chefs are feeding Google employees the best fish and chips in town. Must be nice to work in a place that feels more like a hotel lounge than an office but we still can’t get over how those cushioned walls remind us of an insane asylum.