British man nonchalantly destroys a T-Mobile store in Manchester [Video]

british man nonchalantly destroys a t mobile store in manchester video angry

T-Mobile may not provide the best service in town to meet your preferred standards, but what would cause a man to walk into a retail store and destroy everything in sight? That’s what witnesses were trying to figure out in the video posted on YouTube yesterday showing a man tearing down store posters and racks for undisclosed reasons.

The video, filmed by an onlooker from outside of the Manchester Market Street store in the United Kingdom, follows a man who was already halfway through ripping apart the T-Mobile store. He can be seen slowly pushing fixtures down and tearing out wires before taking a fire extinguisher and spraying the foam all over random parts of the store. A T-Mobile store representative seems to stand steady inside without attempting to stop the man. A reflection of the store window as well as the end of the clip also shows a street full of passerbys trying to get a glimpse of the madness.

If you think American T-Mobile service is bad, something must have really gone wrong with the UK version. That, or the man is heavily crazed. At the end of the video when cops finally arrive to the scene, the man calmly surrenders, even offering smiles and laughs at the mess he’s made.

According to the UK news source The Daily Mirror, the irate customer in question is 42-year-old Jason Codner who was dissatisfied with customer service. “The customer’s dispute was in relation to a refund that we were not able to give – as it was clearly outside of the stated terms and conditions,” T-Mobile told Mirror. “During the incident, all customers and staff were taken outside of the store as quickly as possible and the police were called immediately to handle the incident … There were seven members of staff and a number of customers in store at the time – and we are very pleased to say that none were injured during the incident.”

T-Mobile also states that it plans to reopen the store as soon as possible after it is able to assess the damage caused. Codner has been charged with a public order offense and criminal damage, and is due in court on July 31. You think the heat wave got to the guy?

Watch the 3 minutes and 44 seconds of T-Mobile carnage in the video below.