First Italian TV channel for 2.5G/3G phones

Cfn/CnbcMobile through which subscribers can view videoclips of the financial news produced by Cfn/Cnbc that are currently published on the Milano Finanza Internet site. The new service can be picked up by mobile telephones operating with GPRS technology (2.5G) and UMTS technology (3G). Persons interested in subscribing to the Cfn/Cnbc Mobile service can do so through their mobile telephones with a simple charge to their mobile account, without having to register through the Internet or to pay via credit card.

At present, the service can be delivered through the Nokia 7650, a product now widely available in Italy. With the planned debut of other new mobile telephones by leading manufacturers, the Cfn/Cnbc Mobile will soon be available through a range of models.

Subscribers to Cfn/Cnbc Mobile may choose between two services: