HTC Tanager Smartphone review

Quote from the review at Adrians Rojak Pot:

“I’ve been looking forward to the Smartphone ever since it was announced a few years ago. I’ve always wanted a portable platform that I can carry with me EVERYWHERE! I can’t carry my Pocket PC with me all the time even though I keep most of my contacts and other information in it.

But the Smartphone… I CAN take everywhere. And now that I also have a Tablet PC, I have everything to fulfill my note-taking and communications needs. Time to retire my Battle Damage E200!

The usual responses I get from people whom I demonstrated the Smartphone to are the typical Microsoft bashing remarks. Like “Where’s the reset button?“, “Any blue screens?” and, of course, “How often does it lock up?“.

It’s not easy convincing them that any device with the Smartphone’s complexity (One device, lots of programmers coding for it, not all of them good!), there’s bound to be a hiccup every now and then. Ask users of Nokia Communicators or Sony Ericsson T610s and they’ll tell you that their devices crash as well. So, not only Microsoft products hang and crash!

As I said before, my main objective of getting the Tanager Smartphone is to allow me to keep my essential data with me at all times. Being able to get online and taunt people via Messenger about the nice Ramlee Burger stall (For our foreign readers, a Ramlee Burger stall is the equivalent to a hot dog stand) I’m hanging out at is always a nice plus! =)”

Looks like they were a tad bit excited over this phone!

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