Is The Mobile Phone An iPod Killer?

“The days of a mobile phone that functions merely as a communications device capable of playing only off-key ringtone renditions are coming to an abrupt end.

A raft of new phones with souped-up storage, bright color screens and stereo-quality sound systems are hitting the market, mainly to compete with an array of PDAs that themselves double as a phone.

Together, these new gadgets have morphed into an entertainment device to challenge Apple’s dominance in the MP3 player market, some analysts say. “

The mobile phone should be the next iPod killer. We have already seen the natural progression of the mobile phone, kill the PDA market. Now with storage prices coming down and mobile phone technology increasing at blazing speeds, is there a reason to carry around multiple devices? Plug your headphones into your phone and listen to those cool tunes.

Designtechnica’s Ian Bell can often be seen at the gym listening to MP3’s through his Motorola MPx200.

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