Philips launches 530 phone

Philips is turning the mobile phone into a portable music studio with the new Philips 530, the world’s first GSM handset that allows users to create a total music experience.

Thanks to the unique BeDJâ„¢ feature, the Philips 530 can easily be used to create, store and share distinctive music mixes (up to nine tracks) from a combination of downloaded sources, as well as tracks and sound embedded in the phone. This can be done at any time, anywhere – even offline – and with virtually no limit to creativity.

Create a personalized sound experience with BeDJ
BeDJ is a real time composer, proposed by Philips only, which offers consumers the capability to use the Philips 530 as a ‘music mix panel’. With BeDJ, consumers can mix up to nine tracks, choose an instrument for each music track, change the tempo and volume of the sound and share their creativity with friends by MMS. No other phone currently available on the market offers the opportunity to mix this number of tracks together with embedded sounds! A new generation of young phone users will turn into DJs in their spare time!

Professional DJs enjoy it too. Philips 530 has inspired internationally acclaimed dance DJ’s to support its international launch across Europe. Carl Cox, Mauro Picotto, Cut Killer, Chris Liebing and Sander Kleinenberg are all working with Philips to create content for the phone’s music and re-mix features and will be headlining major dance events, organised by Philips and taking place from September across Europe.

Music is a shared experience, so the 530 makes that possible via MMS, which also allows text and image messaging. And since the Philips 530 is a great little mobile phone too, the remixes can be used as personal ring tones or alerts. Special ring tones and pictures can be downloaded from and operator’s own websites.

The phone’s audio and visual reproduction capabilities go even further. It also plays song samples as ring tones, and has a hifi stereo headphone (with dynamic bass boom) for handsfree enjoyment of remixes or broadcasts straight from the built-in FM radio. Sensational vibra and light effects mean sounds are seen and felt as well as heard when the phone rings. Its hands-free speaker is great for sound effects, which can even be enlarged by linking the Philips 530 to a separate audio amplifier. The large, high-brightness 128 x 128 pixel TFT display with 65,000 colours makes gaming and photo viewing even more enjoyable.

Take pictures with the accessory camera
The Philips 530’s 360-degree rotating camera, which is supplied as an add-on module, even takes pictures at night thanks to its ‘Night Mode’. Photos can be shared with friends using MMS or the infrared interface, or stored in the phone’s dynamically allocated memory. The FotoCall feature uses images to create a visual phonebook identifying callers or caller categories. When the phone rings, you ‘see’ who’s calling.

The stylish Philips 530 mobile phone features a real metal case available in a choice of translucent blue, white, green, dark grey and orange finishes. It is also be available in striking Titanium. At only 92 grams, this phone is easily pocketable, and is ready to become a valued personal fashion accessory.

The Philips 530 will be introduced in both Europe and Asia in the third quarter of this year. More information about the exclusive DJ promotional activities is available in a separate press release.

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