Skitch reinstating removed features after users outraged with Mac 2.0 app

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Skitch, one of productivity platform Evernote’s most beloved apps,  was recently given an upgrade for iOS and Mac – and the fallout was swift. Loyal users of the Mac app were less than pleased after they realized that many features were absent from Skitch 2.0, and they made their disappointment known. However Skitch’s co-founder and now Evernote’s Senior Product Designer, Keith Lang, heard users’ cries and published a public apology on Evernote’s blog today. To compensate, Lang outlined a roadmap for the future of Skitch, which should please unhappy users given that in the coming weeks removed features will find their way back to the app.

keith lang of skitch

Despite the excitement that Lang had with the release of Skitch 2.0 for Mac, he writes that he was troubled by the “negative reactions” from avid and long-time users. In paring the app to fit with Evernote’s framework, taking the necessary step to rebuild it from the ground up, and making what Lang thought would be “simpler, more friendly to the average Mac user,” some beloved tools like directly hosting Skitch Images, custom colors, different types of fonts, and others were thrown out.

“Firstly, if you looked under the hood of Skitch 1.0 you would see that it was being held together by five years of duct-tape and good intentions,” says Lang. “The entire app needed to be re-written for us to ever move forward; for example it’s easy to forget that Skitch 1.0 for Mac had no way to resize shapes, no way to re-direct arrows or even transfer your Skitch Library to a new machine if you upgraded. We had to start from scratch to build a modern Mac app.”

But Lang also admits his mistakes. “I’ve come to the realization that we’ve underestimated how deeply ingrained Skitch had become in many people’s daily workflows and how disruptive changes to the product could be.”

For the moment, if you feel that the latest Skitch (version 2.02) really is still too disruptive to use, you can resort to using Skitch version 1.0.12, available for download here. Otherwise, while you use the updated version, you can rest assured that the team is working on bringing back the following features:

Menubar Extra support – If you’ve updated to version 2.02 you’ll recognize that this feature is already available.

Multiple file formats from the Drag Me tab – Same as the above. Multiple file formats are available in Skitch 2.02.

FTP/sFTP – This feature will also make its way back.

Auto creation of sharing URLs – Users will soon be able to opt-in to have their URLs created automatically instead of by default. This feature will be implemented in a few weeks.

Short URLs – Short URLs have inherent security risks – someone could accidentally stumble on a “private” URL for example. Short URLs, however, will be added, and Skitch will notify users about the risks.

Direct Hosting of Skitch Images (Deep Linking) – Since Evernote doesn’t monetize on your hosted data, direct hosting was removed. But it will make a comeback, albeit with “constraints,” in the next few weeks.

Storage, synchronization and sharing options – Lang provides three ways to sync, share, and store your work, which we’ve quoted verbatim:

  • Sync them to Evernote and make them accessible on every Evernote-enabled device
  • Save them locally to the filesystem so you can do anything you normally do with files
  • Share them directly via email, Facebook, Twitter and other services.

Multiple fonts and custom colors, streamlined cropping and resizing, automatic type tool selection – This will be back in its entirety, but presented in an improved interface.