Verizon adds five new shared data plans up to 20GB


As detailed by ComputerWorld earlier today, Verizon Wireless has added five additional data plans to the Share Everything package that’s targeted at families. While the original shared data plans topped out at 10GB for $100 per month, the new data plans are tiered at 2GB / $10 increments up to 20GB for a price of $150 per month. According to Verizon, the company didn’t publish these tiers with the original announcement in order to simplify the number of choices for customers. In addition, the majority of the customers are using less than 2GB a month and are unlikely to require such a large amount of monthly data. Up to the cap of $150 for 20GB,Verizon Wireless customers also have a choice of 12GB for $110, 14GB for $120, 16GB for $130 and 18GB for $140 per month.

While a typical four person family likely won’t have a need for the new shared data plans, customers with larger families may be able to take advantage of the upper tiers. Verizon allows a customer to add up to ten devices to a shared data plan which can include regular cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, USB modems or the Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspot.

In order to activate a shared data plan on an upper tier, the customer must call a Verizon representative and specifically request one of the more expensive options. However, if a customer is using a large amount of data and goes over the limit during any given month, they will be charged an additional $15 per 1GB of data.

For instance, if a user on the 10GB shared data plan utilizes 30GB of data in a single month because the family likes to constantly download high definition movies through a mobile hotspot, they will have a $400 bill to pay at the end of the billing period. Alternatively, someone on the 20GB plan in the same situation will be paying $100 less for the expensive overage charges. In addition, Verizon’s 20GB plan is $50 cheaper than a similar competing plan at AT&T.