Twitter Users Pump out 600 Tweets Every Second

twitter users pump out 600 tweets every second chart per day3

Look, what you’ve done, Oprah. After an astronomic rise to prominence in 2009 – thanks in large part to celebrities piling on and bringing mainstream attention to the microblogging site – Twitter has now reached a dramatic new high water mark in traffic. According to a post to the Twitter blog on Monday, the site now experience over 50 million tweets per day – or 600 tweets every second.

Only a little more than a year ago, in January 2009, Twitter experienced only 2.5 million Tweets per day. Of course, that was before events like the popularity contest between Ashton Kutcher and CNN on Twitter, or the arrival of big names like Oprah, which turned 2009 into a record year for the service. By January 2010, it was pushing 35 million tweets a day for year-on-year growth of 1,400 percent. That dramatic growth has yet to slow, now leaving us with today’s figure of 50 million per day.

To lend some perspective, that’s still small potatoes compared to the 29 million searches Internet users conduct every minute, according to Comscore. Google fields 66 percent of them, or 759,000 every second.

If Twitter can manage to replicate last year’s 1,400 percent growth, the service would be handling 490 million tweets a day by January next year.