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DivX hits Microsoft’s Xbox system

Factor 5, creators of the multimillion selling “Star Wars®: Rogue Squadronâ„¢” game franchise and the MusyXâ„¢ sound tools for multiple game platforms, previously partnered with DivXNetworks to create the popular DivX for Gamecube SDK. The new DivX for Xbox SDK includes a number of new features for the highest-quality in-game cinematics, including

–Hand-optimized Pentium assembly code for maximum performance

–DVD-quality at file sizes 7-10 times smaller than MPEG-2

–Full usage of PixelShader Technology to offload CPU performance onto the graphics chip

–Full beyond-HDTV resolution support of up to 1920×1080 progressive scan video

–Full-screen and surface-mapped rendering support for video on 3D scenery

Additionally, the DivX for Xbox SDK and the newest revision of the DivX for Gamecube SDK feature support for the popular and highly efficient Vorbis audio compression. Vorbis audio from Factor 5 provides a 13 to 1 compression ratio with sound quality that is far superior to MP3 and a custom data format optimized for game console memory limitations. Vorbis support in the DivX for Xbox SDK also offers full multi-channel and multi-stream support for discrete 5.1 soundtracks and multi-language releases.

“We’re excited to bring Xbox and Gamecube developers the ability to easily create great looking DivX video along with the highest-quality audio format,” said Thomas Engel, Director of Technology at Factor 5, LLC. “The incredible compression and visual quality of DivX video allows developers to create superior video scenes while preserving valuable disc space, creating a truly cinematic gaming experience.”