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Cox Communications Upgrades DVR

These improvements are designed to further increase the robust recording capabilities and navigation of the service.

In addition to current DVR functionality such as the ability to record a program to watch at a later time, record high-definition programming (viewable only with an HDTV set or monitor) and pause and rewind live TV – the new dual tuner functionality allows customers to record two programs simultaneously while watching a previously recorded program, or watch a live program while recording an additional program. The dual tuner software will be automatically downloaded to the customer’s set-top box, the HD-capable Motorola DCT6412.

“The new dual tuner functionality brings our customers an even more enhanced DVR experience,” said David Pugliese, Vice President of product marketing and management. “Cox customers will never miss their favorite shows, even if they are on TV at the same time.”

In addition, customers now have an enhanced DVR navigation experience using Pioneer’s latest Passport Echo software from Pioneer Digital Technologies, Inc. The enhancement provides the following new functionality:

— Enhanced Recording Options: Viewers can set preferences to store first-run episodes of a favorite show; a favorite show on any channel where it appears, a favorite show only in its primetime slot; or all shows any time it airs. The priority system also allows viewers to automatically manage hard-drive space. In addition, if a customer decides that he/she wants to record an entire program after it has already started, it can still be recorded in it’s entirely provided that the channel has not been changed since the start of the program.

— Title Search: Viewers can quickly and easily search for programs by using an on-screen keyboard.

— Keyword Search: Viewers can also find programs by entering keywords (such as actor, director or subject) and then set-up automatic recording of these programs using the series recording option.

Customers enjoy the flexibility of leasing their set-top box from Cox and avoid upfront equipment costs. Cox’s DVR service is available to customers for $4.95 per month, plus the lease price of the integrated HD capable DVR set-top box $9.95.

“The enhancements to the Cox DVR guide further our competitive edge making it easier than ever for customers to take control of their viewing,” added Pugliese. “These service improvements, coupled with the convenience of avoiding expensive, upfront equipment charges, further validate Cox as the best choice for DVR service in our markets.”

With Cox DVR, customers can record up to 60 hours of television programming. Available recording space varies based on the type of programming recorded. In order to record and view high-definition content, customers must have an HD capable or an HD ready television that can receive a 1080i or 720p HD signal format and must subscribe to Cox Digital Cable.

Cox also offers its customers the opportunity to bundle home entertainment and communications services from one provider. By bundling services with Cox, customers can increase their convenience and value with bundling discounts. “Many of our long-term customer relationships began with our video service only,” said Pugliese. “Today, as a multi-service broadband communications company, our customers can enjoy unsurpassed bundled advantages by also subscribing to Cox Digital Telephone and Cox High Speed Internet.”

Cox’s current Motorola DVR markets include Kansas; Orange County, Calif.; Middle America Cox; Omaha, Neb.; Roanoke, Va.; New England; Baton Rouge, La.; Hampton Roads, Va.; Middle Georgia, New Orleans; and Tulsa, Okla.